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Author: tjoz

Introducing the latest mod to come to Legacy- The Aftermath.

Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath is the first mod of its kind, a hybrid mod unique in approach and creation. One part mod the other part tutorial, this mod not only offers a unique playing experience but also encourages the average user to take their game skills to the next level-teaching them how to go about creating their own game.

The tutorial half of the game has been designed to offer up and coming modders the info and encouragement they need to set out on their own mod. Whether they wish to create new game modes or add to the growing list of Historical battles they could create; the know how is there for them to go about and create their own gaming experience.

The mod half, with enhanced AI, challenging scenarios and much more push the foundations of Legacy to make it a different experience each time you play. With many new maps each with their own perils and wonders will see the Legacy engine in a different light. The re-designed interface that carries through every menu throughout the game is to provide a change of scenery to the generic look of the old stock look.

This first hybrid mod for Legacy has many more features yet to come. Additional info and progress can be found at the STL: The Aftermath forums that are being built up

The Aftermath has gone through a few changes and we have canceled all major stage releases (Stage II and Stage III). Instead, we will be having periodic releases instead of large scale releases. This results in shorter gaps between releases and more fine tuned content without the pressure of completing tasks for a major stage release.


To install Aftermath 2.0, please install to a fresh copy of Legacy. This is a complete install, no need to download any further material.

Please see the Readme's folder for more information or the install process

Aftermath 2.0 Release notes

Aftermath 2.0 contains all of the previous Aftermath release. For full list
of details, open up the STL_The_Aftermath_Cycle_1_Changelog.txt file.


-Full German translation (95% of interface, all missions)
-Historical Missions mode
-1 New Historical mission (fully scripted, individual script per mission)
-Aggression (new mission)
-Wrath of Khan (rebuilt for 2.0)
-Ultimate Computer (script revisions)
-Map adjustments (from placements, objects and map lighting)
-Ukari Sector
-Death Adder Pass
-Melbourne Incident
-Key mapping
-Cloak (y key)
-Long Range Sensors (u key)
-Self Destruct (i key)
-Death Match
-18 maps rebuilt (all 18 stock maps, all new lighting, positioning, lag reductions, player count corrections)
-Spinders Rift (with 6 player support)
-Armidus map corrected (now 4 teams)
-Co-op Wave
-4 new maps
-Grid 453
-Masonite Quarantine Zone
-Akran Observatory
-AI build 2.0
-Fleet tactics
-Advanced threat analysis (ATA)
-Improved weapon decision chances
-Cloak chances increased
-Special weapons chance increased
-Seek range increased
-Fair matching (ties to ATA)
-Fleet movement improvements
-Retreat chance improved
-Ally decisions (ships will team up regardless of race/ship type. ATA feature)
-Improved flanking
-Lag reducing AI
-Increased erratic behaviour (AI think time)
-Fleet assignments on-the-fly (based on weapons payload and firing arcs and recharge rates)
-Wingman behaviours (smaller tactical fleets of 3-6 ships)
-Much more advanced AI
-Explosion behaviours enhancements (ongoing changes and refinement)
-Torp impacts give off bursts of light
-Shield impacts changed
-Pulse weapons behaviours changed (shield hits and firing sounds)
-Updated splash for 2.0 release
-Cycle 2 prototype intro video
-New registries
-USS Nagamaki
-USS Bellerophon
-USS Grayon
-ISS Enterprise
-ISS Renegade
-ISS Genocide
-ISS Katana
-ISS Onuris
-ISS Ryuujin
-ISS Cerberas
-ISS Hiroshima
-ISS Karnak
-ISS Vesuvius
-ISS Chernobyl
-Updated registries
-USS Lexington
-USS Enterprise (NX, 1701, 1701 A and C)
-USS Excelsior
-USS Hawaii
-USS White Fox
-USS Hood
-Improved glows
-Constitution Refit
-Miranda Refit
-Excelsior Refit
-Improved textures
-Asteroids (not ice ones)
-New textures (not adjustments)
-Constitution Refit
-Miranda Refit
-Excelsior Refit
-TOS torps
-Vulcan torps and phasers
-All Borg ships
-All Terran ships
-New explosions
-New map backgrounds
-Vulcan ship overhaul (stage 2)
-Several ship readjustments
-ENT era odf rebalance (all ENT era ships)
-TNG era odf rebalance (all TNG era ships)
-Rebalanced weapons files (Phasers)
-Improved Pulse weapons (fire rates, sounds and damage)
-All weapons overhaul (Stage 1, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic)
-New transport sound (Federation)
-Terran Yorktown
-Terran NX
-Terran Posiedon
-Earth Romulan War mode
-Silent Enemy
-Ship of the Line
-SFA Mode (Starfleet Academy)
-SFA Mission 1
-Survival Mode
-Rylon Observatory
-Mezos Outer
-Galant Divide
-Arctus System
-Xhin Mae'ga Sector Post
-Ascension (skeleton build)
-new look interface
-Ascension system type A (multi tiered menus. Where applicable)
-Tranversal buttons
-new sounds
-animation effects
-jewel icon/centerpiece
-new ship select layout (build A)
-new main menu layout (build A)
-new menu music
-Extras menu video corrections
-Swap system
-Changed config file
-AI changes
-Shield bleedthrough changes
-Subsystem changes
-Improved graphics settings (better shadows, consistent lighting effects)
-Improved shields and shield effects
-Inclusion of cloak detectors
-Mines (stage 1)
-Context menu additions (Guard, Tractor, Orbit and others)
-Groundwork for 2.2 release

Known Bugs

-Additional speeds interface area

This area needs a new delivery method for display of the new
speeds. The new speeds work, just it requires a new delivery
method which will come in the form of the new in-game interface
in the 1.9 release.

There are 5 forward speeds in total. The order are:


To select the new speeds, it in the same fashion as how you would
normally select them. Just remember there are now 5 speeds instead
of 3.

-Ship select area

When hovering over your selected ships, the sell information appears
higher than the ship icons. Has no effect to gameplay at all. Will be
removed for new Ascension features in 2.2

-ISS Enterprise

In the One on One mode, you cant play as ISS Enterprise. However you
are still able to play as any of the other Terran NX ships (Renegade,
Katana and Genocide). This issue only affects One on One, no other
mode is affected.

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