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Daedalus Romulan War
Nickname: voyagerseven
Email: voyagersevenathotmaildotcom
Requirements: Star Trek Legacy -Any Mod

I was looking a at the History of the Daedalus Class and found that all the info I found was inconsistent.
So I composed all the info I found to what I though made more Sense... and here it is...
This may or may-not be "CANON" But it gives me a chance to show off my new Photon Pulse Nukes.

Having these weapons will inable you to have phasers and or Pulse weapons without
giving anything up but your Photons..This weapon will come in handy at a later date...
Now you can fire your torp trigger and send a "NUKE"

-A little History from the net

-Daedalus Class

Sometime just prior to November 2157 the Battle of Galorndon Core was fought between the two powers and won by United Earth, though it was a costly and bloody event, described by Captain Wilson as "a nightmare".

During November of that year the Pioneer (NX-10) was sent to the planet Vorkado to investigate a reported collaboration between the Romulans and the Tholians (indeed both sides would have benefitted from such an alliance); however this sparked the Battle of Vorkado. By this time the Andorians and Kzinti, whose territory was under threat, were also assisting Earth and the "Daedalus project" had been accelerated to assist in the war effort.

The starship Daedalus, registry NX-117, was the first Daedalus-class starship ever constructed, as well as the first official Federation starship. Secretly constructed at the Warp-7 Complex orbiting over Seattle, Daedalus was the most ambitious starship project of the 22nd Century. It featured the first ever Warp-7 capable engine, Multi-Phasic Lasers (more advanced than phase cannons, Lasers for short) and a primitive energy shield system in addition to the most advanced form of polarized hull plating. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

Class: Daedalus
Type: exploration craft
Registry: NX-117 (Federation)
Affiliation: Coalition/Federation

Status: Destroyed (2162)

Category: Early Warp Vessel Commisioned: 2155-2196
Length: 121 meters Phasers: Laser Cannons
Width: 48 meters Torpedo Launchers: Nuclear Warheads
Height: 40 meters
Mass: 30,000 metric tons
Warp Reactor: M/ARA
Decks: 10 Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 4.5
Crew: 230 Max Cruising Speed:
Maximum Speed: Warp-7

The Daedalus class was one of Starfleet's earliest warp vessel designs. Commissioned shortly before the founding of the Federation, the Daedalus class ships soon became involved in the Romulan-Earth war and were fitted with nuclear warheads. Though primitive the Daedalus class helped battle the Romulans back into their space and end the war in a stalemate. At wars end the Federation was founded and the Neutral Zone established. With new technology from Federation member worlds the Daedalus class was soon retired after less then 40 years of service.

Ships inculded:

Daeldalus Class
Fortunate Class


Just Copy and Paste the Folder "Bethesda Softworks" in your C:Program Files

Or place the contents of the folder in your mod accordingly
odfs: Voyagerseven

Please Contact Ng-mods for permission to use this mod


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