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Author: HyperShadowTheHedgehog

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First, credit should be given where necessary

I would like to start by thanking the many people who have helped me in the forums with this mod, and more specifically ggtuk,
elfwithswelford, and Napseeker (If any of you are modders, get his grievous stuff)
Pandemic Studios - model and texture
Napseeker - porting of Grievous model to SWBF1-compatible format
Wazmol and Neomarz - the many assets they made available for downloads

Details:(I'm just gonna talk about weapons. For skins, see screenshots. For health, ummmm... figure it out urself)
Regrettably, none of the weapons or units have been renamed, and many appear as 0x (See Glitches)
Clone Trooper-
EMP Chaingun - rapid firing weapon that is quite fun to use and does plenty of damage. AI only use it when enemies are really close.
Modified Grenade- more powerful than a standard grenade
Beam Weapon- AI love using this. Fair amount of damage. The advantage being that lightsabers aren't too cheap when the computers have this

Arc Trooper-
Modified Launcher- This doesn't do too much to ships, but sends ordinary people flying. Lot's of fun.
Grappling Hook- get's you around quick, but has a few glitches. Requires practice, but can be quite enjoyable and a good wallhacking aid
Grenades- normal grenades
5 second time bomb- fun to use on ships. Does plenty of damage. I use it when surrounded. It can be shot out, and gravity has no effect on it.

Clone Pilot- He now is a ki adi mundi clone. (By clone i mean that there are a zillion of him)
Blocking stick- This weapon only gets one attack, but it will block many types of weapons.
Lightsaber- I figure that considering you're playing a star wars game that you know what this does
Rocket Launcher- Standard weapon
Force Push- very powerful. It can be used to wipe out entire crowds, or to screw around with friends.

Clone Sniper-
Sniper Rifle- shoots faster but does less damage than droid one
RFSW- (Rapid firing stap weapon) This is what the AI likes to use. Makes them effective at close combat
Modified Grenade- see previous entry
Modified Probe- the blaster on this thing now actually does damage. The orbital strike is more powerful

Jet trooper- (Jango Fett Skin; BOO-YAH!!!)
Yes, Jango Fett wasn't on the clones side. NEWS FLASH! IDC!!!!!
Modified EMP Launcher- AI favorite. Quite powerful and moves faster.
Command Pistol- Effective defense. Quite strong for a pistol. Fun for 1 on 1 dueling.
Wrist Rocket- Doesn't do a ton of damage, but is nevertheless, quite effective
Power Release- Jango releases a ton of charged electricity effectively doing damage to anyone in the vicinity. Works against lightsabers.

SB Droid
Wrist Blaster- Moddified (isn't everything?) Shoots faster and straight
Wrist Rocket- see previous entry
Genosian Blaster- Effective and quite fun to use. Too bad AI don't feel the same way
Moddified Grenade- It looks funny when they throw this. See Previous entry

Assualt Droid
Beam Weapon- OK against humans and highly effective against ships. More accurate than clone's, but less power
Grappling Hook-see previous entry
Mines- Standard Weapon
RFRL- (Rapid Firing Radiation Launcher) Very fun and effective. Ignores gravity, shoots a lot and does damage. What more do you want?

Droid Pilot- GREVIOUS!!!! Sorry if i spelled it wrong
Blocking Staff- See previous entry
Staff- Like lightsaber, but different texture
Wrist Launcher- Very effective longer range weapon. Hard to aim, but a huge payload

Droid Sniper MAUL!!!
Sniper Rifle- shoots slower, but more accurate and deadly than clones
RFSW- (Rapid firing stap weapon) See previous entry
Staff- See previous entry
PSG- (Personal Shield Generator) This is the droidekas shiled. It protects you from alot of weapons and things.

Droideka same as before (the game usually crashes when I mod it)
Dual cannons- standard weapon
Shield Generator- Standard Weapon

Ship list
Many ships changed, but here are some of the major differences

MAF- this is the old droid gunship. It is now a rapid firing very strong and fast grievious fighter. Strong and fun to fly

Trifighter- these replaced the old droid starfighters. Fast, decent weapons, great kamikaze

Arc 170- these replaced the older jedi starfighers. Only one seat (still working on giving it two) Rapid firing torpedo launcher

Tank- this is now that weird tread thing from episode 3 (it might be in episode 2) strong and deadly. Don't get run over

Swamp Speeder- new skin which replaces the old clone speeder bike.

I'm sure i'm forgetting something, but Meh and bah

To play this mod, go into C:program fileslucasartsstar wars battlefrontGamedataData_LVL_PCSide
backup your rep.lvl file
backup your cis.lvl file
Place the rep.lvl file that u downloaded in there and say yes to replacing it
Place the cis.lvl file that u downloaded in there and say yes to replacing it

(Note: To those who can't get maps to work because it says the buffer is full, you need to download a patch later
than the 1.0. I didn't know this and wasted a lot of time trying to solve map problems. I recommend the 1.3 beta
patch, although the 1.2 is better for online play)

There aren't many glitches other than the fact that all the modded weapons look like 0x.
There also glitches in where people sit in the ships. They stick out in many places.
There is also the issue of how easy it is to wall hack with a harpoon gun.
There is also a glitch with the clone trooper. The AI only uses the beam based weapon unless you are right next to him.
I haven't tested how often the Computers use the blocking lightsaber. If they use it far too much, please contact me.
If you find any major glitches, report them to me.

Version 1.0 (A.K.A. Clone Gunship Mod) -1/27/09 (This was not a very good version, considering I made it in a
couple hours and was a noob with modding at the time)
Version 1.1 -2/5/09 Not bad, great for clones, but balance was not great
Version 1.2 - 2/7/09 -I liked this version and tried to balance things out, but I had accidentally screwed up
a few skins and the mod still needed some minor tweaks.
Version 1.3 -2/25/09 - This is very close to the version you have, but due to much complaining about skins (which I
feel was unwarranted) I had to change up some stuff for the new version.
Version 1.4 -3/12/09 -I thought this would be the last version, but thanks to ggtuk, the door of BF2 files was opened.
Version 1.5 -(3/23/09-4/22/09 I have been trying to get this submitted for a long time) - Yes, This was a large leap and allowed me to do a lot more. There were minor changes before, but this changes almost evert single skin.

*Lucasarts, Filefront, and I are not responsible for any damages to your computer and should not be held
responsible for any damage that occurs due to this mod.

WANT TO PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM USING IT. I ASK THAT YOU GIVE ME, HyperShadowtheHedgehog credit (I won't flip out if you forget),
and tell me about your mod if you have time. I'm fine with ppl submitting potd's with stuff from my mod in them.


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