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All Troops Fly: Chaos Mod.
Version 3.0 - For Star Wars Battlefront 1
Based on the All Troops Fly Mod made by me, Ryanoceros.

What it does: This sides mod gives all troops (except Droideka) jet trooper abilities with infinite fuel, AND gives all troops Extremely Powerful Weapons and Graphically Dramatic Ordinance... it's Utter Chaos!
In addition, I improved the Vehicles performance; speed, maneuverability, and weapon performance. (tanks, planes, and speeders)
The tanks are fast! ... Mow them troops down! Mwahahahaa! :^)
Like I said, "it's Utter Chaos!".
Special note: To fly faster just keep hitting the space bar quickly. You can fly across the board in just a few seconds, usually. :)

No map is too big to play with this mod installed! Just fly as fast as you like to any command post or your favorite hiding place.
Furthermore, all maps are now playable in ways never before experienced. You'll find the enemy in the most unexpected places. :P
In addition this is a great way to find glitches and collision errors. It could be useful for map makers in their testing process.
Enjoy the mod!



For Mac users:
Right-click on SWBF. Select "Show Package Contents".
Your SIDE folder is located here --> Contents/Resources/Data/LVL_PC/SIDE
Your mission.lvl file is located here --> Contents/Resources/Data/LVL_PC/mission.lvl

1). Save a copy of your original SIDE folder. You will need the original if you wish to play the standard game sides later.
2). Replace your original SIDE folder with the SIDE folder I've provided.
3). Save a copy of your original mission.lvl file.
4). Replace original mission.lvl file with the mission.lvl file I've provided.
5). Play the game! And have fun!

For PC users:
No clue how to get to the "Contents" folder in SWBF on a PC, but likely you already know how. If not, ask a fellow PC user.
The remaining steps are the same as above.


Thank You:
A huge thank you to Jedikiller and The Pi, and all the gang at
This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't help.
Also, thanks to ggctuk and BattleBelk for helping to solve the Hoth crash issues in the previous versions.

Known Bugs: None.

(2.0)The first Version was highly unstable on some maps. I've redone the whole thing from scratch and I've solved that problem. I played this version for hours without a single crash along the way. And I played it on several different maps too.
(3.0) Hoth no longer crashes, as long as you install the mission.lvl that I've provided in this version.

*** Feel free to use these sides in your maps or other mods, just give me appropriate credit in your Read Me file. ***

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