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Author: Maveritchell

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Rebel Ops is the three-part story of Lt. Vace Thermill, an Alliance pilot and intelligence operative. His mission is to investigate the mysterious "Project Drow," an Imperial program working to ensure victory in space for the Empire.

Mission 02
The Big "L"

The Big "L" is a prison at an unknown location. Very little is known about this Imperial prison, other than that it is a series of mines in which captives languor away, forgotten by the outside world helpless to reach them. Following his capture at the undersea base on Aquilaris, Lieutenant Thermill became one of its residents.

Vace Thermill wakes up in this mine, though, and is contacted by what appears to be a friend. Can this unknown agent help Thermill out? Will Vace be able to escape this ironclad prison? Can he find out anything about Project Drow in all of this? These questions - and more - Lt. Thermill must investigate.


Contents of The Big "L":

GCW Conquest: Standard GCW conquest
GCW Hunt: Story mode - play the first mission of Vace Thermill
CW Conquest: Standard* CW conquest

*Bonus Content for Conversion Pack 2.0 users:
CW Conquest: CW conquest with random clone legions and heroes
KotOR Conquest: Standard KotOR conquest

*Bonus Content for Dark Times users:
Dark Times Conquest: Standard Dark Times conquest
Aquilaris Dark Times Conquest**: Standard Dark Times conquest
Aquilaris Dark Times Hero Assault**: Standard Dark Times hero assault

**If you still have Aquilaris installed, you will receive these extra modes

Also includes:

95% original models and textures
New vehicle
Custom vehicle sounds
Custom ambient sounds
Custom voiceovers (GCW hunt)



-GCW hunt, due to the nature of its scripting, will not work online.

-Make sure sound is on for GCW hunt to fully enjoy the story.

-This should be obvious, but to play any of the KotOR modes online, all users must have Conversion Pack 2.0 installed.

-To play any Dark Times modes online, all users must have Dark Times installed

-To play any of the Aquilaris Dark Times modes online, all users must have both Aquilaris and The Big "L"



Jesus Christ - the man is God incarnate; everything is His
Major Clod/AceMastermind - player model/conversion
archer01 - AIHeroSupport script
John Williams - "Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave" community (these users provided sounds used in whole or in part):
aust_paul, Erdie, Syna-Max, eliasheuninck, HardPCM, morgantj, Jace
daveincamas, loofa, ERH, dr_elvis, suonho
Beta Testers: AlexSecura, AQT, RepSharpshooter, FragMe!, Frisbeetarian, MasterSaitek009, Nihillo, Skyhammer_216, Xavious, EraOfDesann
Gametoast community: Lots of support



(maveritchell at gmail dot com)

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