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------------(++ MoDerN Earth: Urban Assault ++)----------------------------
********************* BY: Elfie911 **********************************************

This is the Readme for Modern Earth: Urban Assault by me, elfie.

This map takes place in an urban city in the middle of the night. Armed convicts have just escaped from a maximum security prison and are reigning chaos and destruction on an earth city. Buildings burn as S.W.A.T units, U.S. National Guard troops (locals), and attack helicopters have been deployed, desperate to regain control of the situation. Take the fight to the streets with all new custom earth weapon models such as the M16, MP5, M4 Carbine, M24 Sniper Rifle, AK-47, Mini-uzi, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers, RPG-7s, shotguns, flashbags, poison grenades, C4 Explosives and many more. All new custom effects, sound effects, and dozens of new custom models, such as police cars, trucks, choppers and many new building models are also featured in this map. Don't like shooting convicts? Maybe you'll enjoy shooting zombies in the Zombie Deathmatch mode. Play as the National Guard spawning at a downed helicopter and man a minigun turret. Try and eliminate as many zombies as possible.

--Game Modes--
This map includes 2 game modes each with their own custom loading screen and minimap. The main game mode is the standard conquest with convicts vs. SWAT and National Guard as locals. There are two heroes for either side in this game mode: S.W.C.U (Snow Wolf Commando Unit) for SWAT and a Ninja Assassin for Convicts. It has 4 cps that are widely spread out. The SWAT spawn at a police station and an industrial area and the convicts spawn at the prison and a junkyard. The second gamemode is Zombie DeathMatch that consists of 2 cps, one per team, that are located on only a single quadrant of the map. These cps cannot be captured, due to the fact that this gamemode is a hunt setup. The timer is set at 15minutes with a higher score limit than default hunt. There are two classes for each side on this gamemode, a heavy class and a rifle class.


1. Run the installer
2. Click the icon with the three dots and browse to your addon directory located at default C:ProgramFilesLucasartsStarwarsbattlefront2Gamedata folder. If you do not have an addon folder create one there.
3. Click Extract
4. Play the map.

--Credits-- (In no particular order, I'm really sorry if I forgot someone)
abacus1-ak47 base model
Caleb117, Dann Boeing, FragMe, EGG_GUTS, and Thunder - roads
FragMe! - Cars
Warlord28 - MP5 model
Taivyx- M9 and M16
MasterSaitek009 - punch
kStuen-hammer base model
Onionpaste-sniperrifle base model
Kawasaki2-RPG-7 Base model
Caleb1117+: Police car
Escobar Studios: (Turbo Squid author) original model, and texture.
Wazmol-AR-15 model and Desert Eagle model
Darth_Z13- Shotgun and lots of other stuff
JaKaL- Machineguns
Delta578- Amazing map Trailers

--Beta Testers--
Nova Hawk
501st Commander

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to view the custom era and game mode names on this map, you will need to download Zerted's v1.3 Lite patch as found on the link below. It is not required but reccommended:;95405

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me by sending me an email at or leave me a PM at gametoast.

Thanks and Enjoy the map!!! :)


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