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Crazy Coo - By: Killer Banana

Installation: unzip, copy the CKK folder into your addon folder.
Uninstallation: delete the cck folder inside of your addon folder.

Story: There isn't really a story. :P

This map consists of both conquest and hero assault. The terrain is a large pit surrounding all command posts with a hill in the middle. The sides are edited.

Info: This is my first map. I've edited sides of both conquest modes, not the assult mode.
-Most characters fly
-Added 3 speeders, 2 inside of the pit, 1 outside.
-Walls surrounding all command posts prevent bots and players from getting out unless they glitch
-If they glitch, there is nothing but 1 speeder out there.
-Jump heights of droideka and speeders have been increased.
-Saber legths increased.
-Ammo and weapons have been significantly changed.
-Sides are balanced for the most part.
-AI on hero assault don't really do much moving unless you run into their bases.
-Added command posts
-And more...

I may or may not be working on further versions of this. This mainly depends on the feedback.
I might move on and make a new map or just keep improving this one, or both.

Nobody can use any part of this work for another modification unless asked by me first.

Contact info:

Xfire: sotgkillerbanana

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