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Author: 666rulerofclones

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Part I: 14th Legion Mod.
This mod was a specia request made by Zurk. I spent a considerable amount of time on this. The changes in a nutshell are:

(1). A re-skinned 212th Legion (re-skinned to blue)
(2). Re-done Tanks, walkers, and Star-fighters
(3). Re-did several of the weapons and added a few more
(4). Added dual pistols to the Clone Engineer
(5). New weapon setups:

CLONE TROOPER: Assault Carbine, Blaster Pistol, EMP Grenade, Concussion Grenade
HEAVY TROOPER: Missile Launcher, Commando Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Detpack
CLONE SNIPER: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, EMP Grenade, Recon Droid
CLONE ENGINEER: Dual Commando Pistols, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detonator, Mines, Dispenser Health & Ammo
CLONE COMMANDER: Blaster Rifle, Commando Pistol, Pulse Grenade, Concussion Grenade
JET TROOPER: Blast Cannon, Commando Pistol, Pulse Grenade, Time Bomb

CLONE PILOT: (Same as engineer)
CLONE MARINE: Blaster Rifle, Missile Launcher, Concussion Grenade, Detpack

The Star-fighters all have cockpits now. I re-did them to make them more accurate. I also re-did the weapon models and now both Commando Pistols use the DC-17 Blaster model, the regular pistol is the DC-15S Side Arm, the carbine is the DC-15S Carbine, the Rifle is re-done. I really put a ton of my time into this and I hope you enjoy it!
Part II: CIS Side Expansion (3.0)
This mod was kinda a last-minute idea I had to change the CIS up and also to prevent im-balance. It worked too. The game is balanced really well, I spent a considerable amount of time to make sure of that. I added several new weapon models, patched up the droids and tanks, and ALSO added dual pistols to Jango Fett. I also added a B1 Battle Droid in place of the Assault Droid. This is the sides:

SUPER BATTLE DROID: Wrist Blaster, Tri-shot, Wrist Rocket, Concussion Grenade
ASSAULT DROID: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade
ASSASSIN DROID: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid
ENGINEER DROID: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter, Mines, Dispenser Health & Ammo
MAGNAGUARD: Bulldog RLR, Commando Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade
DROIDEKA: Repeating Blasters, Shield

PILOT DROID: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb
DROID MARINE: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade
Part III: Jedi Guards on Coruscant
This is a mini-mod which I spent a good few hours perfecting. The Republic on Coruscant is replaced by the Temple Soldiers and a Senate Guard. They are a ton of fun. I used new weapon models for each of them, such as the A-280 Rifle, the A-295 rifle, a new launcher, and the DH-17 Carbine. This mod is pretty fun and is a nice diversion from the regular Clone Wars era maps in my opinion.
Other Information
WATCH OUT for the Clone Commanders and Magnaguards, they are REALLY powerful now.
DO NOT expect to encounter a Clone Commander at point-blank range and be able to excape with your life! I have never been able to.

Locate your Battlefront 2 Gamedata directory. Go to C:Program FilesLucasartsStar Wars Battlefront II.

Now go to Gamedata. Once it is open, paste the ADDON folder in there. If you already have one, do not worry, it will not overwrite ANY of the contents of the original folder.

Now go to Data_LVL_PCSIDE and put the rep.lvl and cis.lvl files there BUT RE-NAME OR BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILES FIRST!

Now go back to _LVL_PC and move the repguard.lvl to FPMREP

Now you are finished installing and are free to play the game! Enjoy!
DarthD.U.C.K. for the DC-17 Pistol.
Dragonum for the DC-15S Pistol.
DarthD.U.C.K., Eric Landrenau, and Darth_Z for the Senate Guard.
DarthD.U.C.K. for the Senate Guard rifle.
Oom-9 for the DC-15S Carbine.
Pahricida for the DC-15A Rifle.
Yankfan for the AT-TE.
Syth for the Concussion Grenades.
ARC_Commander for the Pulse Grenades.
Repsharpshooter for the A-280 Rifle, A-295 Rifle, DH-17 Carbine, DC-15S Shotgun, and SE-9 Pistol.
Syth for the KYD-21 Blaster.
DarthD.U.C.K. and Maveritchell for the Dual Pistol assets and animations.
Fragme! for the floating icon fix.
ARC_Commander for uploading the 1.2 Patch Assets with his BFX Assets and for giving me permission to use them.
Qdin for the Magnaguard chunks
Qdin, Majin Revan, and Oom-9 for Commander Cody.

I think that is all, i I forgot anyone, PLEASE let me know! Thanks
This mod is my personal work and MAY NOT be sold. If your computer ruptures because of this it is NOT my fault and I cannot be held responsible because it was YOUR conscious decision to download it in the first place! You are free to use this for a map if you want to, but GIVE ME CREDIT!!!!!! (Not like anyone would use this in a map anyway).

That is all. That said, happy gaming!

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