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Star Wars Clone Wars Dual DC-17 Pistols 3 README

- by kinetosimpetus

A pistol carried by Clone Troopers and Officers in the Clone Wars movie and TV show.

To Use: (note: for modders only, if you don't know how to mod, you can't use this)

Copy all files to data_***- Sides- rep
(*** is of course changed to whatever your map is called)

You need a soldier animation for dual pistols (or you could just use one pistol)
not included

Added in 2.0:

weapon odf template

animations not included

works with DarthD.U.C.K.'s double pistol assets

2.0 Major Fixes:

Scaled by msh.option files

orientation and position fixed for left blaster

texture darkened

2.2 Minor Fixes:

msh.options *should* no longer be needed - still included, but set to "-scale 1.0"

UV's redone

poly count cut

handle model tweaked a little

updated odf, i thought the other one fired too rapidly

You can do whatever you want with it as long as credit is given for the original.


DarthD.U.C.K. for his double pistol assets

RepSharpShooter for

George Lucas for the Star Wars story

LucasArts and Pandemic for one of the best games ever!

Legal Stuff:
Files not made by LucasArts or Pandemic.

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