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I, Commander_Fett, worked hard on this mod, so don't go trying to steal my work. So, don't try to claim it as your own, distibute it, sell it, or use stuff from this mod without my permission.

This mad is not made or distributed by Lucasarts.

////////////////Mandalorian Wars Project
By Commander_Fett

Mandalorian Civil War Background: When Jaster Mereel came to power among the Mandalorians, he changed the way Mandalorian society worked. He drafted a guideline for Mandalorian behavior, hoping to purge the old savage, dishonorable raider and mercenary ways. However, some opposed these reforms, and wanted to continue with the old ways and eventually once again try to conquer the galaxy. So, they split from the Mandalorians, and created the Deathwatch, lead by Vizsla. They waged war on the Mandalorians, and the Mandalorian Civil War began.

Plans for this project: This will be a project that adds the Mandalorian Wars era to all stock maps, and will also add many new maps that follow the Mandalorian Civil War and Mandalorian Wars as canonically as possible while still making the maps enjoyable.

Instalation: double click the .exe, and install to the C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon directory. If you don't have an addon folder, create it.

Credits go to-
RepSharpshooter- a280 model
Syth-CR24 rifle model
Silas- Deathwatch and Jango Fett Rifles and base odfs.
Fragme- Mandalorian cp icon
VF501-Morita models.
Wazmol-his sniper rifle, shotgun, and boba rifle model
Dragonum-DC15s pistol
Syth-the frag and v1 thermal detonators
666ruler of clones- his emp grenade assets
DarthD.U.C.K.- his edits to the jango fett model for the Death Watch trooper models and mandalorian models, Dual Pistols, sonic and gas grenade models, Death Watch cp icon, and for all his patience when I asked for help
Skyhammer_216- gas and sonic grenade odfs and effects
Caleb1117- rocket launcher
Taivyx and Repsharpshooter- sniper rifle
Bobfinkl- generously alowing me to use and edit his maps
Maveritchell- help with getting the era symbol and localization working The community that helped me inumerable times in the creation of this mod.
Jesus, my lord and savior.

Pinguin/Aman, DarthD.U.C.K.-Clone Assassin weapons and anims.

trainmaster611, Repsharpshooter- dropable chaingun turret

Beta testers:
Nova Hawk

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