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In addition to Fordo's skin pack, I had some time to make some of mine own. To use these, you need to use the Mod Tools.

I can't explain precisely how you use them but ask somebody who has already created maps; they will be able to help you. Until then, enjoy using them for new maps.

(The List)

CIS Skins:

5 Different Droid StarFighter Skins
Armored Tank Droid (Darker Version)
Geonosis Battle Droid
Geonosis Battle Droid (1st view of hand)
Super Commander Droid
Super Pilot Droid
Super Marine Droid
CIS Thermal Grenade
Dark Battle Droid (darker version of Pilot Droid)

Jedi skin:

Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku has Sith Eyes!)
Lord Vader (Anakin has Sith Eyes!)
Aayla Secura (Darker blue skin!)

Republic Skins:

4 Geonosis Clone Commander Skins
Black Clone Commander
Blue Jedi Starfighter
Green Jedi Starfighter

Imperial Skin:

501st Imperial Troop Pack (It's blue basically)

Other Skins:

3 Different Jawa Skins
2 Different Tuskens Skins
3 Different Ewok Skins
2 Different Genosian Skins
3 Different Acklay Skins
1 Dark Acklay Skin
3 Different Gamorrean Skins

Contact: If someone encounters any problems or has questions, e-mail me at

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