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These are custom skins i,ve made using only the games texture and nobody elses custom skins.
Ive did the trail and error routine to get them to look as good as i can make them. Feel free to use
or modify. But please do note my name in your modification to these skins.
After all, these are for commercial use lol. Copyrights belong too Lucasarts.

To install, use SWBF2 Tools.

Feel free to email any time with a comment on my color work. lol Meantime im making stages with trial and error.
i added some screenshots of my stage also. It will be awhile still. Im almost used of this editor. The modles are just
like putting together a puzzle. Example: tree body, tree top, branches to make a large tree lol.

My email keewatin79AThotmailDOTcom
username icemember

Changes per clone skin


Sniper - orange stripes + orange cape (movie)
Armor_pilot - Brown stripes (made-up)
Heavy_trooper - Greyed cheek mask + purple cape (movie)
Clone_trooper_P2 - All White (made-up) "Did see it in the movie EP3"
Galctic_marine - Chest plate with no damage (movie)
Galactic_marine - White armor (made-up)
Clone_trooper_P2 - Red stripes (movie)
Jet_trooper - Camo green,Black,Brown (movie)
Scout_trooper_P2 - Camo green, black, brown (movie) Re_did some texture on here
Space_pilot - Black tinted visor (made-up)
Clone_trooper_P2 - Yellow, dark yellow stripes + yellow cape (movie)

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