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Jedi Academy (JKA) Multiplayer Map. FFA-CTF-TFFA Botsupport

Biggest multiplayer map to date for JediKnights3:Jedi Academy. and JediKnights2:Outcast
Original score produced for GrandJediSkills by Schwink!(


* Night and day in one map. - change over an elapsed time
* Dynamic race track - ?? you say? yeah, once you start it, you are locked into a track and locked out of the upper downtown streets.
* custom music composed by Schwink
* area lit ambience audio sounds - caves, rain, wind etc...
* challenge based reward system - first to complete a challenge receives points, finish one to unlock the next
* Rail slide system - been working on this since my first map, its not as constrictive or as controlling, but I think it can be fun this time around ;-P
* cel shading
* This map wrang the neck of the compiler

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