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Title : Phantom (aka Naboo Phantom)
Author : S. Robinson (Boddo)

Website :
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Filename : phantom.pk3
File Size : 35 MBytes

Release Date : 'mar'1'08'

Description :
From StarWars Episode 1 we have the hanger
in wich Obi and Qui face Darth Maul. This rendition
is movie-accurate largley but not entirly, due to the
movies lack of continuity from scene angles. The
map is scaled to be extremly close to movie scale.
This map has a little bit more than other episode 1
renditions, as it has the other passage scene in
the movie. Performance is kept extremly tight for
the amount of content in it. The map features a
portal sky to present greater depth as well.
If you follow the camera positions from the movie
none of the aditional addons I have made are
noticable and thus, it doesnt stray from the movies
Also included in this PK3 is the map 'Hyper' which
is a small FFA/TFFA/CTF arena map with bushes in the
the middle so you can stealth atack one-another. In
it you can leap from Orb to Orb or try to hit the raised
Exploder Orb to trigger an onslaught berrage of
meteor storms from above to damage all in its radius.

Features :
Map source & assets included (models & map & some instructions)
Hyper - fast gameplay map for fast fighting!
Two version: Phantom (the main one (scaled to ratio)) and Phantom_o (the un-scaled first compile)
Elevators to get from the lower level to the upper level & vice versa.
Better way to get health & sheild
bot support for 'phantom' & 'hyper' map, no bot support for 'phantom_o' map.

All textures/models/scripts/mapping by boddo/S.Robinson.
100% original content with the exception of the music,
sound files and the meteor model assets for the 'Hyper' map.

Programs used:
Gimp (the Gnu image manipulation program)
GtkRadient 1.5

extract to your GameDatabase folder under jkA game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps as Naboo Phantom.

this map nor is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

If you use in whole or part (any part) of the contents be sure to credit as such, S.Robinson &

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