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Jedi Academy Siege Map "Warrior Guild Assault" (For Siege Gametype) Release

Title : Warrior Guild Assault
Version : Version 1.0b
Author : p!ng
E-Mail :
Website :
File Name :
File Size : 25MB
Date Released : 4/14/08
New Textures : Yes
New Music : Yes
Bot support : No

This project was started as a contribution to the Neo Dark Ages project ( It was always intended as a Siege map, and the JKA base release will use Star Wars classes. There will be an NDA-specific release as well with the unique NDA classes.


This version of the map uses default Hoth classes for now. There should be no conflicts with other Siege maps.


Install Troubleshooting:

If you do not see the new map listed in-game, ensure that the file "siege_warcom.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameDatabase" folder. The default path is "C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase".

You will see other .pk3 files in the correct "base" folder. Simply drag and drop the file into the correct "Base" folder as noted above.


Time Limits:
* 20 Minute Initial Time Limit
* If Imperial forces succeed before the time limit is reached, the teams switch sides (Imperial team becomes Rebel and vice versa)
* Once the new teams are formed, the new Rebel team must complete the same objectives in the same or less amount of time than the first Rebel team did.

There are 5 main objectives:
1) Open the mine gate
2) Make way through the mine and to Tarpiin's Windmill
3) Destroy any barriers in your way and proceed through the Archers Guild
a) Stop the windmill which will allow you to use the red and blue mixes with crystals to create explosions
4) Climb Hopes Abandonment and retract the cage which holds a captured Ysalimari
5) Grab the Ysalimari and escape to the breach point

* Recommended Maximum of 16 Players (8 per team)
* Note: A maximum of 32 players are supported, but untested. Play at your own risk.


Thanks for the community support. Especially BOMB.
Textures were used from one of the texture packs available here: Usage guidelines were strictly adhered to.


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