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JEDI KNIGHT III: Jedi Acadamy Sith Council Map Version 3

Title : Sith Council Final
Author : Nick Aikenhead(aka Kahn)
E-Mail :
Website :

File Name : sithcouncilv2b.pk3
File Size : 23,896 KB
7Date Released : 07/07/08

Game Type : FFA
New Textures : YES
New Models : YES (well ones from other sites{credit below})
Music : YES
Bot Route : YES
Bugs : If it is too dark, turns the brightness up on your monitor. It is perfect for me with a brightness of 30-40. Do not play with a brightness of 0.

Installation: : Put the sithcouncilv3.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Uninstall (dont know why though): Take the sithcouncilv3.pk3 out of your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info :

This is the Final Version of my Sith Council Map. This map is loosely based on the Jedi Council GC map form JK2. In the main area, there are 3 duel rooms, one interrogation room, one Armory and a Library. Also a bar to sit back and relax. Threw the main doors, to the left, is a medical room to be healed. To the right are one set of the bedrooms to rest and watch some good old tv. And straight is the other set of bedrooms and to the end of the hallway is the Main Duel room with stands to watch, also a VIP room for the high power followers of Kahn and Neo.

There is also an elevator going to the basement threw the main doors. In the basement, there is a jail. This jail has four different jail cells in it. All the cells can be locked and unlocked from the guards room. But hopefully they do not see you escaping from your room. The Pillar Room is back and located beside the jail. Finally, on the other side of the hallway is the Sith Council room. This is an area for clans to talk. There are chairs to sit back and relax and talk.

In the main Room, you also see a big door opposite to the door I just talked about. Threw the doors you will find another set of doors. Threw there is the out door area. There is many trees to hind behind and attack people. To the left of the entrance, there is a water fall, nice area to duel. Straight across you see a red light on the wall, go and press the button and the wall will open. There is a Court House to judge the lamers and a rancor pit beneath to teach them a lessen. And finally to the right of the entrance to the out door area and another waterfall, with an area down below to also duel. There is a NEW secret cave somewhere that leads to the tomb of Kahn and Neo. In the tomb, there is a sacrifice room to sacrifice all those needed. Have fun finding the entrance and the way threw the maze.

Also, if you have played the RJ_Sublime map, you know about their control center. I have continued to use this idea in this version. There are three switches. One to close off the bar, one to transform the lava pit, and one to transform the acid pit.

Seeing there are many players who love to use noclip, I have come up with new ways to prevent you from using it to use the hidden secrets. I call it a "True Enter". Unless you enter the room the way you where suppose to, you will either be frozen in the room once you come unclip, or the secrets just wont be shown.

Comments :

After so many people where asking for the Jedi Council GC Map for jk2 brought to JA, I decided to do something about it. I decided to make my own with a Sith feel to it. IN the .ZIP file, you will find the history behind the map and maybe some inside info to the entrance of the caves. This map was created from scratch and I never edited the Jedi Council GC .map file. This map has took about 4 years off and on to complete. Before you tell me there are problems or bugs, like i just said, if you use nolcip and become frozen in a room once you unclip, this is not a bug, I made it so it would do that. Also, if a button hurts you when you think its suppost to hurt someone else... no one says thats a bug either. Please do not e-mail me asking for hints and how to find the secrets, i will not tell you. I do not make secrets just to tell everyone how to get to them... wheres the fun in that?

Credits :

85% of this map is my own, and 15% are idea from the Jedi Council GC map. All the textures in the scv3 folder or skies folder in this zip file are made by Neo or me. The other textures that I have used in the map are still in their original folder from their maps. I have not edited those ones. If you think you see one of your textures in this map and u want to know if it is yours, just look in the .pk3 file and see if you see your map texture folder. I do not take credit for making any textures that are not in the scv3 or skies folder. I have also got new models for this map that did not come with the game. I got them all at I do not take credit for these models too. Finnaly, and defiantly last, I have to thank my beta testers: Daniel, SolarisX and also other people who I have asked either on MSN, in the game, on, or in real life. I could not of done it all on my own.

Useing My Files :
If you do want to use one of my textures, just send an e-mail. Please give me credit in your read-me. Also, who knows where I will be in 2 years, who knows if I will still use this e-mail address. So give me an e-mail, if I do not respawned in 3 days, go ahead and use it but still give me credit. So again, any time after July 10th, 2010. use it with out an e-mail reply.



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