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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Malevolence
AUTHOR: JediMurderer/MeatsOfEvil

FILENAME: malevolence.pk3
FILESIZE: 12,008 kb
DATE RELEASED: 19 October 2009

CREDITS: I would like to thank a number of people who made this possible, starting of course with Lucasarts and Ravensoft for making such a moddable game. In addition the good people of the jk3files forums deserve my thanks for various tips and suggestions. The tutorials of mappers RichDiesal, Szico and Bubba were also instrumental in teaching me what I know.

Thanks to SpPwn for suggesting an alternate lava shader, and AshuraDX for providing said upgrade. All textures in the lava folder and the shaders are property of AshuraDX.

I also want to thank in particular NAB622, for putting up with my noobish-ness on the jk3files forums, pushing me in the right direction when I had almost lost hope on getting my map to work properly and even providing me ideas for future modifications. NAB622, you have saved this map.

Lastly, I want to thank all the people who tested my map before it's release:
My Brother
My Mom
General Jaxun
Anyone who did not post their name on the forums but tested it anyway

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place malevolence.pk3 in your base folder. The base folder is located in the gamedata folder, which is in the folder you installed the game in.

DESCRIPTION: Malevolence is a duel/powerduel map designed (in my opinion) to make these modes more interesting. The duels that I have observed tend to be rather dull, as the two duelists swing at each other, dodge out of the way, and repeat. What if the battleground itself was also hazardous? Even better, what if the environment was actively trying to kill you while you fought? This is where Malevolence comes in. An Imperial officer and his bodyguards watch as you and other prisoners fight to the death while avoiding the obstacles of the arena itself. Dare to fight on this map to find out what dangers await. Your only warning of the impending doom will be the double siren that sounds before your death. Enjoy! :)

BUGS: I have seen bots defy death on one or two occasions where a normal player would be reduced to rubble...since I have no idea how they do it I have no hope of fixing it. Also despite my best attempts at bot-routing, the AI will still act pants-on-head stupid at times and we will just have to live with that. Also, the alarm and the taunts from the Imperials interrupt each other.

COMMENTS: Everything the map throws at you CAN BE AVOIDED. Pay attention to what is happening and you will see a way to escape. Also do not go near the observation box unless you want to be insulted by your executioner. Lastly, this is my first map ever! Yay!

FEEDBACK: Questions/comments can be sent to the email above. I spent a good part of my summer on this map so I can't promise any updates but there's no harm in asking :). If I see enough people that would actually benefit from me updating the map then I'll be much more likely to work on it. Also, during beta testing I've been told that this map doubles as a good SP level and that I should consider future projects in that area. Again, if enough people want to see more then I'll consider it. The only rewards I get from this are playing on it myself and your feedback so don't hold back. Also, my biggest obstacle in level design is coming up with ideas/designs so if you have an idea for me by all means let me know about it.

PERMISSIONS: Ask me before using any of my assets. Also, the lava textures and shaders belong to AshuraDX so I cannot authorize anyone to use them.


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