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A Mod in a mere 24 hours?
June 21st - 22nd 2006. One man, one day, one mod - surely it's impossible.
Well that's what 'speed-modding' is all about, and this is a fine example of a polished, well crafted mod constructed in the small hours of a coffee-fuelled programming binge.

Imperials! Brings you a singleplayer and multiplayer mod that not only affects every mission in a significant way, but also includes graphical tweaks and Ai enhancements. But then, you don't need to read this to find out - try it for yourself.

Change List

* Imperial based mission briefs and enemies.
* Many new NPCs, including heavy rifle toting Stormtroopers, lightsaber wielding psychopaths and esoterically armed Jedi.
* Six new lightsabers to build and combat your enemies with.
* Two new combat styles to engage the enemy with and fight against.
* Fantastic 'reinvigorated' and memorable boss-battles, and new mini-bosses.
* Body-hacking enabled for all characters, including limb-loss and decapitation.
* Graphical tweaks to lightsabers - no more pansy faded colours!
* Multiplayer: Twelve different lightsabers to be carried in different combinations, each conferring different advantages and disadvantages.

Comments - During and After production

I got plenty of support for this, so I thought I'd share some of the great reception with everyone. <3 to all of my supporters, you make me jizz.

* "A big congrats mate! I salute you."
* "I love the dual double bladed lightsabers"
* "Congradulations man, great work!"
* "Nice work 'shee, youre a machine."
* "Oh well, anything for this. Now, ambershee, you deserve that sleep you've been having. I am impressed."
* "A SERIOUS Well done to Ambershee."
* "ambershee you know that i am going to kidnap you, put you in my basement and continuously feed coffee and chips down a pipe to you, while making you mod for me?

That is some awesome piece of work you did."
* "Its good for only a day of work. My only complaint is the installer, you should be able to install it as a seperate mod." (Ambershee Note: Fixed that for the release!)
* "Four words: You are a freak. But I love ya for it."
* "Amazing work, man. I feel like spamming you on MSN with messages of love, but something tells me you wouldn't like it so much."
* "You, my friend, are a tank. I applaud your work"
* "You never cease to amaze me. Keep going dude.... less then 6 hours left until the caffeine and noodle carbohydrates start to exit your metabolic cycles."
* "No Doze is your friend. Those little capsules of red-eyes awakedness are your only hope. My heart goes with you."
* "GO, GO AMBERSHEE, GO, GO!!!!!! Good luck with it mate, keep at it, don't let your attention waver. Keep on downing the coffee!"
* "I will install JK: A just to play this, woo go ambershee"
* "Go ambershee go! Have my babies!! WOOT!"
* "Wow, heroic modding at it's finest. How long are you planning to sleep after you finally finish your epic bodging spree?"
* "Good luck. May the lol be with you."
* "Holyshoot. Awesome."

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