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Yeah, this is my reskin of a reborn. (NOTE: THIS OVERWRITES ORIGINAL REBORN MODEL, but of course, this one is somewhat better.)
You guys remember my Sheik_v2 skin for Cultist? Yeah, uhh, about that, I wasn't intending on making a model for people to download,
but for you guys to make a better one. I didn't think it was that good either. By the way, I used PhotoImpression for all of the model.
Anyways, about the skin! It's a creepy version of the original reborn, which was dumb looking, why not reskin it and make it better?

Npc Support: Reborn
Bot Support: Reborn
New Sounds: None at all! =)

This is the end of my reskinning sharing, unless you guys like the file.

Regular installation, pk3+base=skin
(hint: the reason why I didn't post a comment is because I'm not a registered dude, so why not put it in a readme file?)

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