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Author: HCHawke

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3.Starkiller(AKA The Secret Apprentice)
4.Juno Eclipse
6.Contact Information

1.Introduction: Sa'cuy Vode dah star wars.(mando'a)Today I bring to you my first mod for JA and I think
it came out good(but really its not up to me). I bring to you the first of what I hope will be a lot of mods. This one brings to jedi academy two new people from the new star wars game The Force Unleashed. You get to play as the Secret Apprentice if you are male Jaden and Juno Eclipse if you are female Jaden. However these skins take the place of Jaden looks so use caution.

2.Skins: The first skin I made(for jedi academy total)is Starkiller, Vader's Secret Apprentice. Sporting complete black clothing, he looks about as funny as a lightsaber at your neck. Juno however has a full imperial uniform on, so I don't want to tick her off either.NOTE:these skins take up spots in the Jaden look selection.ONLY USE IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH IT.

3.Starkiller: Starkiller was taken from his father when only a child. Trained by Darth Vader for most of his life, he is a born killer. Combine with the Backhand Lightsabers mod by HOUOU for a true Unleashed experiance.

4.Juno Eclipse: Pilot of the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller's personal modified craft, She is one of the greatest female pilots in the Empire, known to have led Black Squadron.(for those of you who dont know, Black Squadron was the one chasing Luke down the trenches of the Death Star) She is also one of the only female officers in the Empire.

5.Bugs: Only the overwriting of the Jaden looks

6.Contact Information:If you want to reach me to yell at me for something, My house is close by. Just walk off the closest cliff. If you want to contact me about the mod you can reach me at or on my xfire. It is painintheshebs(also mando'a).

7.Credits:JKFiles for being the leading source of JA files
HOUOU for his great Backhand Lightsabers mod
All the professional modders out there
and whoever downloads this mod-THANK YOU!

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