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Author: democan

Total Conversion Features
New Singleplayer Orginal Star Wars Movie Mission
New Multiplayer Maps (CTF FFA TFAA Siege)
New Models
New Vehicles
New Lightsaber Effects(My)
New Hilt's
New Menu
New Npcs
New Stances & Animation

Ver 1.0 Singleplayer Missions

Episode I The Phantom Manace

1.Escape From Trade Federation (4 mission (100% Complete)
2.Tatooine Darth Maul Attacks (2 mission (100% Complate)
3.Battle For Naboo (5 mission)
4.Naboo Mission (3 mission)
5.Gungan vs Droids (6 Mission)
6.At Last We Have Revenge (4 Mission)
7.Duel Of The Fates (5 mission)

Episode II Attack Of The Clones

1.Coruscant Run (5 Mission)
2.Jango's Slave (4 mission (100% Complete)
3.Tusken Camp Site (2 mission(100% Complete)
4.Geonosis Arena (7 mission)
5.Battle Of Geonosis (10 mission)
6.Count Dooku (4 Mission)
7.Dooku's Escape (4 mission)
8.Arc Team Operation (4 Mission)

Episode III Revenge Of The Sith

1.Invisible Hand Duel (3 Mission)
2.Battle Of Utapau (5 Mission
3.General Grievous (2 Mission)
4.Order 66 (10 mission)
5.Save Jedi's (3 Mission)
6.You Are Under Arrest My Lord (5 mission)
7.Emperor (3 Mission)
8.Battle Of The Heroes (4 Mission)

Orginal Trilogy Missions Coming Ver 2.0

Demo Missions:

Escepe From Trade Federation

Obi-wan And His Master Going To Escape From Trade Federation Battle Ship but...

Objective : Escepe This Ship...

Tusken Camp Site

Anakin Going To save His Mother but..

Objective : Kill All People...

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