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AUTHOR: LukeSkillz
BUILD TIME: 3 years (!!!)


If you haven't guessed, this pack will change the weapons in JO/JA to look like the Halo 1 weapons. I started this mod 3 years ago when I first got a copy of Halo 1 and a free 3D program called Anim8or. For the purpose of learning Anim8or and feeding my Halo obsession, I created some pretty good representations of the weapons based off of various screenshots. Of course, over the space of 3 years I have moved beyond Anim8or, tweaked all those models until they were (almost) identical to the originals, and have improved my modding skills in all respects, so here we are now. I took those original 3D models of mine and put them into MD3's and GLM's that JO/JA can use. TAKE NOTE that this mod was designed primarily for JK2, and therefore will perform best there. I have simply made sure that everything works as it should in JK3 as well as takes advantage of a few of its exclusive features. Also note that while I designed the efx files to BASICALLY mimic the Halo effects, I went more on a basis of 'if it looks cool then its cool', so be prepared for them to be somewhat different than Halo...I had never used EffectsEd before this mod, so this was the best I knew how to do. I'll definitely admit that the needler secondary fire is overboard, but it looks pretty darn awesome! Just make sure you're relatively close to it and you'll see what I mean. If you're a long ways off it looks normal...

Be looking around for other 'bonus' things too...this mod changes more than just the weapons, but I'm going to let you find all the little bonuses for yourself ;)


The files are split by weapon, so you can pick and choose which ones you like (I HAVEN'T DOING TESTED THIS VERY EXTENSIVELY. I RECCOMEND YOU USE THEM ALL AT ONCE TO AVOID ANY POSSIBLE BUGS). All you have to do is take the PK3's that you want and put them in your JO/JA 'base' folder (usually somewhere like 'C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars JK II Jedi OutcastGameDatabase') using simple copy/paste functions. To use the Halo Sword in JK3, you need BOTH HaloSword PK3's in your base folder. In JK2, only 'HaloSword (v3).pk3' is necessary.

To have Halo weapon icons (as well as a few other assets required for the weapons to work properly in JA [these particular assets will not affect JK2]), put 'HaloIcons.pk3' in your 'base' folder as well. NOTE THAT because the Halo Pistol and Plasma Pistol can't be used at the same time (both replace the Bryar pistol), they will change the icons for the Bryar pistol whether or not the 'HaloIcons' pk3 is installed.

To uninstall, simply delete the Halo Weapons files. (But why would you want to do that?? Who might want it again later. Maybe you should just move them to an alternate location instead...)


Sometimes the weapon will momentarily disappear (usually when you hit the ground after a jump or use force speed). You can still fire just fine; this does not affect gameplay, and the disappearance 'factor' varies from PC to PC, so you might be in a situation where it really is barely even noticeable.

There are plenty of clipping issues with these weapons (i.e. they stick through parts of the player). Not much can really be done about this; Halo weapons just weren't made for JK2/JK3.

I might mention here that the Halo Sword model still is not held correctly. The reason for this is because JK's animations were designed for holding a typical blade, which has a vertically-held hilt. This means that if I had the player hold the Halo Sword (which has a horizontally-held hilt) properly, combat would be less effective (and probably would look a bit stupid too). If you can just get over the fact that the hands aren't on the sword's hilt properly, you'll enjoy this mod a lot more. It's not really that noticeable anyway.

The Halo Sword also does not appear correctly in First Person mode. I tried everything I know; nothing worked. I don't think it's a big deal though...I mean, who plays JK2/JK3 with a saber in first person? Can you even do that in JK3?

Not all of the gun effects appear in the proper place. They mostly do, and the instances where they don't are really not noticeable unless you're using 4PV.cfg or something. In JK3 this bug seems to be a bit more extreme, but again, you don't see it a lot. At least none of the weapons have the infamous bullet-coming-from-the-players-crotch problem. And I seriously did place all the tags correctly, so I don't know why the heck this happens anyway.

Q & A:

(Q) Why Halo weapons?

(A) cuz I like Halo and it has cool weapons. Nuff said.

(Q) Why not Halo 2 or Halo 3 weapons?

(A) For one thing, if I tried to accurately copy Halo 2/3 weapons, I'd go way over JK's 1000 vertice limit. For another thing, I started creating this mod three years ago, so Halo 2 Vista wasn't out yet, and I have no access to an XBox. Therefore, I had no references for Halo 2 or 3 weapons to work from. HOWEVER, I'm considering making another Halo weapons pack with some Halo 2 and Halo 3 weapons, so if you want a spiker or a carbine in JK2/JK3, you just might get it.

(Q) Why spend 3 years recreating Halo 1 models/textures when you could just port it all in like 5 minutes?

(A) Cuz porting is technically illegal and I'd get in trouble if I tried to do it.

(Q) Look ma, no hands!

(A) Yeah, yeah, I know...the real Halo 1 weapons have hands on them. Mine don't, because I pushed the 1000 vertice limit to its max on pretty much every model. The smallest (gun) model was 716 vertices, and hands that are less than 300 vertices are pretty ugly anyway, and for the majority of weapons, I didn't even have THAT much slack!

(Q) How'd you make textures for all those weapons? I wanna make weapons from another game too!

(A) There's a tool for Halo that lets you view things in 3rd person. Just turn the screen resolution to the max (for highest texture quality), set the view, and press Print Screen. is also one of my best friends in this instance, and I got most of the textures from the image search there. I used Adobe After Effects (or GIMP, if I was too lazy to open up AE at the time) for editing them.

(Q) Well, what about sounds?

(A) Sounds were recorded in Audacity using a setup that simply recorded what came out of the speakers (in other words, no microphone was used), allowing for maximum quality.

(Q) Why didn't you make a Halo Frag Grenade?

(A) Cuz it looks so much like the regular JK2 grenade. A tan ball...woopie. Plasma Grenade is much more interesting.

(Q) This mod has a bug you didn't mention! I install all of the PK3's, but one of the pistols doesn't work!


(Q) Which Halo weapons replace which JO/JA weapon?

(A) The list goes like this:

Lightsaber - Halo Sword (v3)
E11 Blaster Rifle - Halo Assault Rifle
Demp2 - Halo Flamethrower
Repeater - Halo Needler
Briar Pistol/Blaster Pistol - Halo Pistol OR Plasma Pistol
Bowcaster - Halo Plasma Rifle
MerrSonn Rocket Launcher - Halo Rocket Launcher
GolanArms Flak Cannon Thingy - Halo Shotgun
Disruptor - Halo Sniper
Thermal Detonator - Plasma Grenade
(JA ONLY) Concussion Rifle - Halo Fuel Rod Cannon

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