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There is a modification being created by the name of "Evolution of Combat". This modification , ladies and gentlemen is a gift from Serenity and a few other talented people who recieved their talent from God him/herself. Enough of the praising , let us jump to the details of this baby , shall we ?First off , let me clear some things up. You all probably know a lot about saber combat , right ? Well , I hate to burst your little bubble of hope but ... with all due respect , you have seen nothing yet. "Evolution of Combat" is just that what it means. Evolution. It changes A LOT , and I really do mean it , about Saber fighting system. We all recall being frustrated at some point for not being sucessful in blocking another opponents strike in a spar/duel , right ? What if I tell you that it gets a little easier for some , and a little harder for others ?Here is the thing , the new blocking system is converted from automatic , to manual. Yes , you figured correctly ! Using a set of movements and a few mouse clicks you can manage to avoid/block most of the strikes given from your adversary with some practice ( and a lot of it ).The offensive system has also gained some new bulk. We all got tired of having only 3 stances in the game at some point too. But do not fret , with this modification , you get not 5 , not 6 , but 7 amazing new stances , moves , katas and positioning. Also , I have to say it , the dismemberment is back and it has your name on it. They brought it back Texas Chainsaw Massacre style ! Though for you blood enthusiasts , they have not yet commented if it will be applied to the modification yet. Though there are some whispers in their forums that even the walk/run details will be corrected and adjusted for better and realistic acurracy.Furthermore , you might create a server of your own and fight with a couple of bots , I recommend it highly ? Now lets hear you guys yell at me for suggesting that. Again , why ? Well , aside from the bots acquiring a new intelligent AI system making their movements more realistic , and almost nulifying their random jumps and aimless running across the map , they give you quite a good challenge when it comes to saber combat. It makes you forget you are fighting a bot , and gives you a feel you are fighting Masashi himself. That is how cool the bots got upgraded.There are also a few new maps added. Ranged weapons as well as force powers got a new look , effect and audio. Which is neat when you get the urge to blast someone with a rifle or burn them to crisps with lightning. You also get a few more sabers , skins and blades .Also , this modification gives you higher understanding of the various forms ( even though they are extracted from the Star Wars universe , they are based on real life Swordsmanship ) and higher authenticity and professionalism to the school. I can picture students learning their swordsmanship skills on a WHOLE other level. Though it will be a hassle for the board of education to create new Tools upon which we all can be trained. Yes , it will be harder in the beginning to adjust , but it is highly possible. Be you a student or artisan , your knowledge will be enhanced tenfold.

Patch Notes:

Ok multyplayer 2 handed lightning is in.( Thanks to kimmy and respect for this one) Made some awsome new lightning effects to go with the 2 handed lightning.lightning now burns walls and floors and smashes walls and rocks on level3.TIP:lightning level 3.put saber away(select melee), lightning has 2 solid beams of electricity .if you hit an enemy with one beam in melee x2 damage .if you hit enemy with 2 beams of electric x4 damage +knockdown.defence:Walk and block(running gets you knocked down) lightning 3 block has higher dodgedrain.when you have no drain left you get knockdown or killed if low health. best thing to do:::: run like hell. fixes:: Refined slap At start of game bots dont have as much power(added experiance gains to bots to stop instant over power. Added 3 new kata moves?different sabers do different katas. new bot inteligent reaction sounds giving instruction and advice or comment if bot is at master level experiance. Tip: fight against kyle katarn for good examp

Increased holocron respawn time so holocrons are harder to get.
Many many mp and sp menu fixes.
bowcaster altfire fixed(still some sound errors with some weapons,will fix next time)
many balance fixes to sabersystem(for stoiss the sabermaster)
sabermaster bots can now work on maps WITHOUT botroutes,so just set all bots to human when playing a map with no bot routes and bots will use pathfinding code.
so get your maps out
bots with no weapon ammo left will auto select melee.
Experiance system added to real jedi mode
refined saber combat for npc,s in real jedi mode
new outcast levels added to real jedi mode (needs fully testing,i didnt have time to test all).
ROQ movies should now run in outcast real jedi mode
Guns selection added to player set up for gunner/soilder/mando playersSingleplayer fixes:
All mandolorians now can use there jetpacks and fly(hard to kill,maybe too hard??)
Droidecca now makes a apperiance on many outcast and jka sp levels(not in mp)(thanks to "the crow" for decca model).
Ghost of jerec added to valley level(hard to kill)
briefing fixes to outcast levels(not all)
Jan replaced with jedi apprentice (padawan) useing backhand saber to better fit with new outcast story
standard sabers made thinner (requested by stoiss)however serenity,cadence saber remain the same
Tip:add your own sabers in base folder( not eoc folder)
And finally a small 1 mb +18blood effects pk3(optional)added for gun impacts inside Ok thats all "i think" not all bugs are fixed but im having a break from codeing/modding now for a few weeks before i start dreaming in code (matrix)
i will ,however be on the forumsserenity

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