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Master your weapon. Master the Force.
Master yourself.

The Open Jedi Project (OJP) is an open source modification for Raven Software's Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Aiming to develop innovative, fun features to the base game, OJP, led by Razor Ace, brings together dedicated fans to integrate their vision of what a Star Wars game should feel like with those of others.

Open Jedi Project consists of two mods: Basic and Enhanced. Whereas Basic serves as an unofficial patch to fix bugs and increase the capacity for other modders to experiment in baseJKA, OJP: Enhanced breaks new ground with major overhauls to the Jedi Knight gameplay.

Open Jedi Project Enhanced (OJP: Enhanced) makes major gameplay alterations that not only build upon existing features that make base JKA fun, but also introduces new features that greatly increase immersion into epic Star Wars battles.

OJP: Enhanced features the following main innovations:

Enhanced Saber System: Fast-paced, dynamic, movie-realistic lightsaber combat system, where duelists are given full control of their saber swings to combat each other in furious flurries of attack swings, parries, blocks, feints, and kicks. Use the unique advantages of 5 of the 7 classic lightsaber forms to strategically give you an edge in battle.

Dodge and Mishap System: Automatic dodge meter allows Jedi and gunners alike limited ability to save themselves from ranged and melee hits which would otherwise be fatal within very few hits. Mishap simulates the balance/accuracy of the player in both saber duels and gunfights, opening up new strategies to take down your opponents.

Enhanced Gunner System: The enhanced gunner system makes gunfights more tactical with the introduction of weapon accuracy, force vulnerabilities, and limited force attacks with use of heavy weapons. Each gun type requires a different method of play.

Experience/Skill System: Gain access to greater abilities with every skirmish as you earn skill points with every kill. With an array of re-envisioned gunner/force abilities, you have the freedom to choose how your character will combat other opponents.

OJP CoOp: Still incomplete, CoOp mode lets you play through the original Jedi Academy campaign with friends, or choose to play OJP's very own co-op campaigns online.

Other features include:

New weapons and gadgets: Clone rifle, improved seeker droid, and the flamethrower gives a new tactical dimension to gunners.

TABBots: New bots designed to work with OJP: Enhanced. These bots are far more intelligent than default bots, providing a challenge to even the most skilled duelist.

New Moves: Force Fall and ledge grabbing allows for even more fluid execution of moves

True View: Experience the way of the Jedi in first person! OJP is the first mod to feature True View in intense first-person lightsaber and gunner combat.

Streamlined GUI: Redone interface that gives OJP: Enhanced a unique, uncluttered feel.

Original Musical Theme: Original epic theme from betafish that further immerses you into OJP: Enhanced gameplay.

And many more creative features to come, thanks to a small but very active modding community!


As OJP is open source, modders can download OJP and use the code for their own mods. They may also contribute materials to the project by contacting Razor Ace. We highly encourage potential modders, beginners and veterans alike, to join in this fun and ambitious endeavor to completely re-imagine the Jedi Knight legacy.

Help is appreciated!

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