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For the Republic V 1.0

25 september 2012

You can to play 3 maps: Korriban, Space Station and Kashyyyk.
I will do a patch for news maps and corrections of bugs.

Enjoy it.

Progress of maps:

(Textures and IA)
If you know goods maps, you can to say them.

Kashyyyk: 0% (Bug with the sky)
Space Station: 0%
Korriban Mountains: 0% (Bug with lava)
Utapau: 0%
Jedi Temple: 0%
Korriban Citadel: 0%
Korriban Tombs: 0%
Rift: 0% (bug with textures)
Mustafar: 100%
Trade Federation Ship: 0%
Nar Shaddaa: 0%

Coruscant Heights: 0%
CIS Laboratory: 0%
Theed: 0%

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