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The mod is a compilation of the tireless efforts of Holowan Labratories users. To realize the full benefit of combined mods it would be best to start a new game. This mod however will not invalidate any Save Games, but may alter the game play

After installation you will have access to several new selectable PC's at the player select screen. Also throughout the game there will be many new items (including new Armor, Lightsabers, Implants, armbands, belts, masks, ect. There are new recruitable npc’s (such as Yuthera, and Dustil)

Please during the installation stop and take a few minutes to read the read me a few mods or reskins will overwrite eachother so you must choose which ones you would like to install and play SW:KotOR with.

For further details about Holowan
Plug-in you can go to Holowan Laboratories @ LucasForums

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