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Author: Darth_Hanhar

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Mandalorian Reskin (1.1)

Description:I have remade the original because i thought that th colors were too bright changes the color of the mandalorians (accept mandalore) in the game the blue(was pink in previous) becomes dark red the red(was light green) becomes dark green and the yellow (was orange) becomes grey. Ihavenot changed that they will also have the mandalorian symbol on their backs and chest in addition they also have the crusader symbol on their stomachs(those of you who know too much about star wars like i do will tell me that they are not crusaders you are right but i couldn't find the neo-crusader symbol with an invisible backround).

Install:Just place the files in your override folder

Bugs:None that i know of i doubt there are any

Permissions:This can be used as long as credit is given

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