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1.What Does It Do?:

This mod turns Hanharr(that phycotic wookie you get on nar shadar if you play ds)
into a dark jedi.On wookiepiedia it said Hanharr was origanally suppoused to be a dark jedi,
so i thought it would nice to have an other jedi wookie.Note i did NOT add light sabers into his inventory
because when i tried this my game kept frezzing i'm triing to fix this for V 1.2

2.How to Install:

Just put the p_hanharr.utc file in the overide.You may have to start i didn't but you may.

3.For V 1.2

Hanharr will be a sith lord,there will be light sabers in the inventory and there will be some extra dialog explaining
how he became a sith.

4.Credit and Thanks:

Gerry and ME.

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