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MOD NAME: Lightsaber Parts Icon Fix
FOR: Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL
DATE: 09/16/2008

DESCRIPTION: This mod swaps the icons for the Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture (lspart01) and the Lightsaber Emitter Fixture (lspart02), two of the three parts required to construct your lightsaber in the "Crafting a Lightsaber" quest. If you examine these items in the inventory menu, you will notice the energy cell's icon actually resembles an emitter, and vice versa. Additionally, I've fixed a minor typo in the item description for the Lightsaber Focusing Lens Fixture (lspart03). None of the changes affect gameplay in any way.

INSTALLATION: Copy modified files to Override folder (ex C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Override). Create one if it doesn't exist already.

COMPATIBILITY: Should not cause any conflict with mods because this fix simply swaps the icons and nothing more.

lspart01 - Changed model variation from 218 to 205
lspart02 - Changed model variation from 205 to 218
lspart03 - Description reads "The focusing lens is ..." instead of "Thefocusing lens is"

SUPPORT/PERMISSIONS: Provided as-is; I won't answer inquires/bug reports about this mod. As such, I am releasing this mod so that is can be used, editted and redistributed without any restrictions.

Fred Tetra for creating Kotor Tool

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