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Title: Party Member Reskin Mod
Author: Targus

This mod is a reskin of all 12 of the possible party members. Some members have only had minor changes whereas others have had much lager changes. View the screenshots to see how they look now. Included with this mod is a new set of party selection screen pictures, These pictures are ingame shots so that they will look like the party members do now. This part is optional and these files are located in a separate folder so that if you only want the reskins then you dont have to work out which is which.

NOTE- I am aware that Mira has a skin problem, Lets just say she is obsessed with getting fake tans


To install the reskins copy the files from the folder named "Change Apearance" into your override folder.

To install the new party selection screen pictures, copy the files from the folder "Party Screen Pics" into your override folder.

Uninstall: to uninstall simply remove the files from your override folder.

If you want to reuse this then ask me for my permisson first.

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