Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshots (PC)

Screenshots added on: 21.10.2008

Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot
Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot
Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot
Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot
Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot
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By Revan (SI Elite) on Oct 23, 2008
What!?! Theres screenshots out on this game already?!! Those are some ugly in-game graphics though. I figured the game would look better than this.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Oct 25, 2008
Ugly it is... Still a prototype dude!
By hunter612 (SI Core) on Oct 26, 2008
Them graphics dont look so good
By ScythSoulces (SI Core) on Oct 31, 2008
The graphics look great but why are they showing mostly art work.
By angelsreeper (SI Newbie) on Nov 05, 2008
I am a big fan of KOTOR 1 and 2
I am a bit dissapointed
and hope that the final version s gonna be better
By V4ndall (SI Veteran Member) on Nov 07, 2008
If the maps will be as claustrophobic as in Mass Effect, and the only open terrain will be a (still too small) crappy buggy race I won't even bother to download the demo...
By AceofSpades (SI Member) on Nov 28, 2008
Those are some bad graphics
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Dec 03, 2008
Cartooney as hell!
By nobuargaoda (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 06, 2008
I'm a big fan of BIOWARE games. I've finished KOTOR 1 & 2, Neverwinter Nights 2,and Jade Empire. Still playing Mass effect.
I believe that BIOWARE will do the best for their games. We love the character interaction, we can choose our alignment, etc.
So Come on BIOWARE, do the best!
By devel (SI Elite) on Dec 06, 2008
I thought Star Wars Galaxy was a big letdown on everyone, sure it was big and all that, but the playing style just didn't make the cut. Anyone else seeing WoW's style in this one? I mean the graphics not the story of course.
By nobuargaoda (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 07, 2008
Yeah, the graphic. Too colorful like WoW!
By hunter612 (SI Core) on Dec 08, 2008
Lol..thank goodness its for pc...
By Dreamspace (I just got here) on Dec 16, 2008
Well surely these are not final graphics..just art work..KOTOR 1 Was a kickass game and I will be happy to buy Star Wars the Old Republic..i'm sure of it..Bioware will make a nice goodie game :) I'll gladly pay 5-10euro's in a month for playing..I mean if it costs..

"May the Force be with ya all and wishing a nice and relaxed Christmas time for everyone"
By Crixler (SI Newbie) on Aug 31, 2011
If this game were going to be free to play, I would definitely consider it. But it's pay to play, i think. Disappointing, I wish they'd have just done KotOR III instead.