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Game: State of Decay
Mod: George Romero Mod
Version: Test 12
Tested On: State of Decay Official Release
By: Adeno
Date: Nov. 14, 2013
Original Thread:

- Slow and Fast zombies now do their proper animations.
- More Outposts now works as intended.
- Removed workaround files.
- Zombie population adjustments are now more noticeable.

Latest Optional Features:
- Three Zombie Types: Classic Romero Zombies, Modern Fast Zombies, and Default Zombies.
- Enable/Disable Vehicle Damage: Slow, Fast, Default Zombie versions.
- Weak Vehicle: Slow, Fast, Default Zombie versions.
- Zombie Population: More Zombies and Less Zombies.
- Fatal Attacks: With or without Loud Firearms.
- Loud Firearms.
- Deadlight.
- More Outposts.
- Dread Mode: Classic, Modern, and Normal versions.
- Easy Dread Mode for all versions.
- Fulci Vision: No more red tint covering the screen during violent deaths!
- Durable Free Weapons: Items don't cost influence anymore and they are more durable!
- Free Fast Service: Services you order via radio or at the base are free and fast!
- Easy Skills: Max up your skills by just doing it once!
- More Rewards: Side missions will give you more influence and morale!

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Choosing How You Want to Experience State of Decay
IV. Current Optional Features
V. Troubleshooting
VI. Thanks

I. Introduction:

This mod aims to recreate the world of the undead as envisioned by the father of zombie movies, George Romero. The Romero zombies are the classic slow shambling zombies who only want to eat your flesh. They are very persistent and the only way to kill them is by destroying the brain or causing severe damage to the head. The living dead series by George Romero is known for the atmosphere of dread, where even though zombies are slow and weak, they eventually catch up to the humans who end up going against each other due to their personal desires.

Modern Fast Zombies have also been added as another choice for gamers to use. I believe that giving gamers the ability to choose how they want to experience a game is the best way to make them happy.

II. Installation:

* You must have a program called WinRAR or WinZIP to extract ZIP and RAR files. *
* As much as possible, please try to use only one mod at a time. Mods that affect the same files will overwrite each other and may cause undesirable effects. *
* It is always recommended to make a back-up of any files that any mod can replace. *
* It is recommended to start a NEW GAME when trying out the population feature, including the Classic, Modern, and Normal Dread Modes. *

1. Copy to your State of Decay\Game folder.
2. Right Click on and choose "Extract Here".
3. You will see the following .zip files in your Game folder:
4. Now it is time for you to decide on how you want to experience State of Decay!

III. Choosing How You Want to Experience State of Decay:

Each zip file is named according to what feature it gives to the game. Let's say that you want to only have slow classic Romero type of zombies. Here's what you do:

1. Right click on
2. Choose "Extract Here".

That's it! You don't have to worry about file structures and other things because I've done the hard work for you. All you do is pick out which options you want to have in the game and extract them, it's that simple!

You want to have a State of Decay experience where all the zombies are fast, your vehicle won't get damaged by running over zombies, and you also want zombies to deal fatal damage to you while gun shots are very loud. Here's what you do:

1. Right click and choose "Extract Here". This will make zombies in the game fast!
2. Right click and then choose "Extract Here". You can now run over as many fast zombies as you want!
3. Right click and choose "Extract Here".
4. Good job, now you can play the game!

Ready to Play Settings:

If you wish to get into the zombie apocalypse right away and not waste time choosing your own settings, you can just use the Classic Dread, Modern Dread, or Normal Dread modes!

1. Choose whether you want a classic slow zombie apocalypse or a fast modern one, or maybe even the default State of Decay that's just harder.
Example: for a harder slow Romero zombie apocalypse. for a harder fast modern zombie apocalypse. for a harder default version of the game.
2. Right click on your choice and choose "Extract Here".
3. Play the game and have fun!

* To Uninstall the George Romero Mod, simply delete these files:

Location: libs\config
-> meleeprototype.cfg
- This is used for Fulci Vision.

Location: libs\class3
- These are used for Fatal Attacks.

Location: libs\class3\contentmanager
- This one's used for More Rewards.

Location: libs\class3\contentmanager
- This one's used for Free Fast Service.

Location: libs\class3\items
- This one's used for Durable Free Weapons.

Location: libs\class3\rts
- This one's used for Easy Skills.

Location: libs\class3\rts
- This is used for Zombie Population.

Location: libs\class3\zombies
- This is used for Zombie speeds and animation.

Location: scripts\entities\ai
-> aispawner.lua
-> armyzombie_x.lua
-> bloater_x.lua
-> freshgrunt_x.lua
-> grunt_x.lua
-> juggernaut_x.lua
-> screamer_x.lua
-> swatzombie.lua
- These are used for Vehicle Collisions and Zombie Population.

Location: scripts\entities\items
-> ul_flashlight.lua
- This is used for Deadlight.

Location: scripts\entities\items\xml\weapons
-> Everything inside the folder, too many to list here.
- These are used for Loud Firearms and Fatal Attacks with Loud Firearms.

IV. Current Optional Features:

1. Slow Classic Romero Zombies, Modern Fast Zombies, Default Zombies - you can now choose whether your game will be inhabited by slow Romero zombies or fast modern zombies! Additionally, you can also choose to use the Default zombie settings.

2. Vehicles: Enable/Disable Zombie Collision Damage - you can now disable or enable vehicular damage when you run over zombies. Fulfill your road rage fantasies by driving near invincible vehicles!

3. More, Less Zombie Population - you can now set the game to have more zombies to resemble a more apocalyptic vision, or you can choose to have less zombies if you wish to explore undisturbed. You'll see lots of zombies the louder the noise you make!

4. Optional Extra Outposts - if you use the file, home bases will have the ability to store increased supplies as well as create more outposts than usual! This is good if you want to "conquer" territories from zombies.

5. Deadlight - do you want to attract lots of zombies but you've already run out of bullets and things that can make loud noises? No problem! Your flashlight has been converted into a "Deadlight"! Simply turn it on/off repeatedly and zombies will start shambling towards your location! It's fun to use to cause other survivors trouble as you hide in a safe place!

6. Weak Vehicles - are you tired of abusing vehicles as tools of zombie extermination? Use this feature if you want a little more challenge! Vehicles will get easily damaged if you use them to crush zombies frequently. The big group of zombies might not seem so tempting to run over anymore!

7. Classic Dread Mode - custom settings recreating the classic George Romero feeling of dread. Zombies are slow and tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed.

8. Modern Dread Mode - custom settings for a modern version of the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are fast and tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed.

9. Normal Dread Mode - custom settings using the default State of Decay vision of a zombie apocalypse. You will encounter both slow and fast zombies that are tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots of zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed.

10. Easy Dread Mode Versions - the Classic, Modern, and Normal Dread modes come with an easy version. The easy version adds the Durable Free Weapons, Free Fast Service, Easy Skills, More Rewards, and More Outposts features.

11. Fatal Attacks - were zombie bites and scratches non-threatening to you? Use the Fatal Attacks feature if you want each zombie encounter to have a potentially deadly consequence! One bite will put you in critical condition, while two scratches from them will be enough to put you down!

12. Loud Firearms - use this feature if you want each decision to fire your gun really have importance. One shot is enough to alert and attract zombies from a wide area, just like in the Romero movies!

13. Fulci Vision - named after Lucio Fulci, considered to be the "Godfather of Gore", Fulci Vision removes the red tint that covers the entire screen when somebody is dying a horrible death. You can now see the brutality of someone dying as they get torn apart by zombies!

14. Durable Free Weapons - have you ever wondered why in the world your character can't take a weapon from the safe when your friends are being attacked just because you ran out of influence? Worry no more! With the Durable Free Weapons feature, all weapons don't cost influence to take anymore! Melee weapons' durability has also been boosted to last 10 times longer than usual!

15. Free Fast Service - asking your friends for help over the radio shouldn't cost you anything, especially since you're actually helping them gather supplies and kill zombies! With the Free Fast Service feature, your friends become real friends and they don't charge you anything for the radio service. You can also quickly build facilities at home!

16. Easy Skills - leveling up skills can be so tedious. It's even more frustrating once the character you have taken care of gets torn apart by a Feral in a few seconds! With Easy Skills, leveling up your abilities will be very easy! Just perform them once or twice and you'll max them up!

17. More Rewards - sometimes, you feel like you aren't being appreciated properly by your friends despite risking your life to get some food for them. Worry no more! With the More Rewards feature, the rewards that you get from side missions will be greater than usual! You won't have to worry about influence anymore!

V. Troubleshooting:

Q1: The mod is not working the way it's supposed to!
- Please make sure you are only using one mod at a time. Using multiple mods from different authors at once may cause files to overwrite each other, causing strange effects.
- Start a new game.
- The game continues to change every update it receives. This means that mods may or may not work during different versions of the game.

Q2: My game crashes when using the George Romero mod!
- Make sure you are not using any other mods because using multiple mods from different people can overwrite certain files, therefore causing a crash.
- Try to start a new game.
- If starting a new game you still encounter a crash, uninstall the George Romero mod first. Start a new game and then get to the church by doing the first mission and then save. Install the George Romero mod.

Q3: Where can I find the latest version of the George Romero mod?

VI. Thanks:
Thanks to atxoxx and DeeJay for finding out about the zombie population properties and giving the idea to use a hex editor for BMD files! Thanks also goes to Phacops for helping me remove the red tint for Fulci Vision. Special thanks to grimreefer24601 for making the BMD Editor that I now use.Thanks also to the people who remembered me for my George Romero mod for Dead Island and Riptide! Thanks as well to the Undead Labs community for appreciating the George Romero mod!

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