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Game: State of Decay
Mod: George Romero Mod
Version: Test 16
Tested On: State of Decay Official Release and Breakdown DLC
By: Adeno
Date: Dec. 3, 2013
Original Thread:

- Breakdown's No Special Zombies and its variants work a lot better now.
- Breakdown's Hell Modes have been updated with No Special Zombie files.

- Breakdown's No Special Zombies and its variants now have multiple zombie population choices.

Latest Optional Features:
- Three Zombie Types: Classic Romero Zombies, Modern Fast Zombies, and Default Zombies.
- Hell Mode: Classic, Modern, and Normal versions.
- Dread Mode: Classic, Modern, and Normal versions.
- Easy Dread Mode: Classic, Modern, and Normal versions.
- Zombie Population: More Zombies and Less Zombies.
- Even More/Less Zombies and Even More Zombies Lite, Medium, Extreme versions.
- Enable/Disable Vehicle Damage: Slow, Fast, Default Zombie versions.
- Weak Vehicle: Slow, Fast, Default Zombie versions.
- Fatal Attacks: With or without Loud Firearms.
- Loud Firearms.
- Deadlight.
- More Outposts.
- Fulci Vision: No more red tint covering the screen during violent deaths!
- Durable Free All Weapons: Items don't cost influence anymore and they are more durable!
- Durable Free Melee Weapons: Only melee weapons don't cost influence anymore and they are more durable!
- Free Fast Service: Services you order via radio or at the base are free and fast!
- Easy Skills: Max up your skills by just doing it once!
- More Rewards: Side missions will give you more influence and morale!
- More Enclaves: With or without Extra Ammo and weapons
- Disable/Enable Special Zombies: No special zombies except for Screamer in infestations.
- Fatal Attacks Extreme: Immediate death, almost no chance to get out of critical condition.
- Black Fever: Get to near death state and you'll suffer from Black Fever.
- Sick World: Every living person has Black Fever right from the start.
- Rambo: Items have no weight, even small bags can carry up to 10 items, and maximum ammo per type has been increased to 255.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Choosing How You Want to Experience State of Decay
IV. Current Optional Features
V. Troubleshooting
VI. Thanks

I. Introduction:

This mod aims to recreate the world of the undead as envisioned by the father of zombie movies, George Romero. The Romero zombies are the classic slow shambling zombies who only want to eat your flesh. They are very persistent and the only way to kill them is by destroying the brain or causing severe damage to the head. The living dead series by George Romero is known for the atmosphere of dread, where even though zombies are slow and weak, they eventually catch up to the humans who end up going against each other due to their personal desires.

Modern Fast Zombies have also been added as another choice for gamers to use. I believe that giving gamers the ability to choose how they want to experience a game is the best way to make them happy.

II. Installation:

* You must have a program called WinRAR or WinZIP to extract ZIP and RAR files. *
* Main Story and Breakdown DLC George Romero Mod features should never be mixed together! *
* It is always recommended to make a back-up of any files that any mod can replace. *
* It is recommended to start a NEW GAME when trying out the population and enclaves features, including the Classic, Modern, and Normal Dread/Hell Modes. *
* Any file with *START NEW GAME* means you should start a New Game to make it work and not to use it in an old save file. This applies to both Main Story and Breakdown DLC features. *

1. Copy to your State of Decay\Game folder.
2. Right Click on and choose "Extract Here".
3. You will see the following .zip files in your Game folder:

a. - features for the Breakdown DLC only.

b. - features for the Main Story only.

4. Now it is time for you to decide on how you want to experience State of Decay!

III. Choosing How You Want to Experience State of Decay:

Current Folder: State of Decay\Game

1. Pick whether or not you want to use features for the Main Story or Breakdown DLC. Please remember that you can only use either the Main Story or the Breakdown features one at a time. Mixing them together can cause the game to crash or have weird problems.

2. Let's say you want to play with the Breakdown DLC features, right click on and choose "Extract Here".

3. You will see a lot of files in your State of Decay\Game folder. For example, if you just want slow zombies, you can simply right click on and choose "Extract Here". Do the same for the other features you want to use. Mix and match as you want!

4. Start the game and choose to play the Breakdown DLC and you'll notice that the zombies are now slow!

5. When you're done with the Breakdown DLC and you want to use the George Romero Mod features for the Main Story, be sure to completely uninstall the George Romero Mod first.

Ready to Play Settings:

If you wish to get into the zombie apocalypse right away and not waste time choosing your own settings, you can just use the Classic Dread, Modern Dread, or Normal Dread modes!

1. Choose whether you want a classic slow zombie apocalypse or a fast modern one, or maybe even the default State of Decay that's just harder.

Example: for a harder slow Romero zombie apocalypse. for a harder fast modern zombie apocalypse. for a harder default version of the game.

2. Right click on your choice and choose "Extract Here".
3. Play the game and have fun!

* To Uninstall the George Romero Mod, simply delete these files:

1. Go to State of Decay\Game folder.

2. Delete the following folders:
- libs\class3 (if you used the George Romero Mod For Main Story)
- libs\class3.1 (if you used the George Romero Mod for Breakdown DLC)
- scripts (used by both Main Story and Breakdown DLC features)

IV. Current Optional Features:

* The Main Story and Breakdown DLC George Romero features are similar.

1. Slow Classic Romero Zombies, Modern Fast Zombies, Default Zombies - you can now choose whether your game will be inhabited by slow Romero zombies or fast modern zombies! Additionally, you can also choose to use the Default zombie settings.

2. Vehicles: Enable/Disable Zombie Collision Damage - you can now disable or enable vehicular damage when you run over zombies. Fulfill your road rage fantasies by driving near invincible vehicles!

3. More, Less Zombie Population - you can now set the game to have more zombies to resemble a more apocalyptic vision, or you can choose to have less zombies if you wish to explore undisturbed. You'll see lots of zombies the louder the noise you make!

4. Even More Zombies/Extreme - if you're not yet satisfied with the normal increase in ambient zombies, you can use Even More Zombies! Missions and side missions alike will now have massive amounts of zombies that it wouldn't be normally possible for you to take them all on! Even More Zombies comes in two versions, the normal one and the Lite version. The Lite version will only increase the zombie population to at least twice the normal maximum amount. The Medium version is four times the normal amount. The Extreme version is exclusive to the Breakdown DLC version of this feature and totally covers the map with lots of zombies!

5. Even Less Zombies - if you want a worry free exploration of the world and not worrying about having to kill too many zombies during missions, use this. There will almost be no zombies during missions and you'll be able to finish them faster.

6. Optional Extra Outposts - if you use the More Outposts feature, home bases will have the ability to store increased supplies as well as create more outposts than usual! This is good if you want to "conquer" territories from zombies.

7. Deadlight - do you want to attract lots of zombies but you've already run out of bullets and things that can make loud noises? No problem! Your flashlight has been converted into a "Deadlight"! Simply turn it on/off repeatedly and zombies will start shambling towards your location! It's fun to use to cause other survivors trouble as you hide in a safe place!

8. Weak Vehicles - are you tired of abusing vehicles as tools of zombie extermination? Use this feature if you want a little more challenge! Vehicles will get easily damaged if you use them to crush zombies frequently. The big group of zombies might not seem so tempting to run over anymore!

9. Classic Dread Mode - custom settings recreating the classic George Romero feeling of dread. Zombies are slow and tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed. Special zombies won't show up unless they're part of a mission.

10. Modern Dread Mode - custom settings for a modern version of the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are fast and tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed. Special zombies won't show up unless they're part of a mission.

11. Normal Dread Mode - custom settings using the default State of Decay vision of a zombie apocalypse. You will encounter both slow and fast zombies that are tougher to kill, using the flashlight will attract zombies, firing your guns will attract lots of zombies, it only takes one bite or two claw attacks from zombies to put you in critical condition, and vehicles are easily destroyed. Special zombies won't show up unless they're part of a mission.

12. Easy Dread Mode Versions - the Classic, Modern, and Normal Dread modes come with an easy version. The easy version adds near invincible vehicles, Durable Free Weapons, Free Fast Service, Easy Skills, More Rewards, More Enclaves with Extra Ammo Without Special Zombies, and More Outposts features.

13. Hell Mode Versions - the Classic, Modern, and Normal modes now have Hell Mode versions. In Hell Mode, zombie attacks are extremely fatal, vehicles are weak, and there are even more zombies than usual! Fortunately, your weapons are very durable and you'll be able to use whatever weapon to fight off the almost impossible odds. If you get hurt a lot because a zombie took a bite out of you or you got too close to dying, you will suffer from Black Fever, which is a near terminal case and sometimes, the infected person will have to be shot in the head. Hell Mode doesn't use Loud Firearms nor Deadlight, so firing your guns will function normally. Hell Mode doesn't need those to create an atmosphere of despair. There is almost no hope for survival.

14. Fatal Attacks - were zombie bites and scratches non-threatening to you? Use the Fatal Attacks feature if you want each zombie encounter to have a potentially deadly consequence! One bite will put you in critical condition, while two scratches from them will be enough to put you down! The Fatal Attacks Extreme version means almost instant death and even one zombie will be enough to tear you apart if you don't manage to escape fast enough.

15. Loud Firearms - use this feature if you want each decision to fire your gun really have importance. One shot is enough to alert and attract zombies from a wide area, just like in the Romero movies!

16. Fulci Vision - named after Lucio Fulci, considered to be the "Godfather of Gore", Fulci Vision removes the red tint that covers the entire screen when somebody is dying a horrible death. You can now see the brutality of someone dying as they get torn apart by zombies!

17. Durable Free Weapons - have you ever wondered why in the world your character can't take a weapon from the safe when your friends are being attacked just because you ran out of influence? Worry no more! With the Durable Free Weapons feature, all weapons don't cost influence to take anymore! Melee weapons' durability has also been boosted to last 10 times longer than usual! This also comes in a Durable Free Melee Weapons version where only melee weapons are free but the rest are not.

18. Free Fast Service - asking your friends for help over the radio shouldn't cost you anything, especially since you're actually helping them gather supplies and kill zombies! With the Free Fast Service feature, your friends become real friends and they don't charge you anything for the radio service. You can also quickly build facilities at home!

19. Easy Skills - leveling up skills can be so tedious. It's even more frustrating once the character you have taken care of gets torn apart by a Feral in a few seconds! With Easy Skills, leveling up your abilities will be very easy! Just perform them once or twice and you'll max them up!

20. More Rewards - sometimes, you feel like you aren't being appreciated properly by your friends despite risking your life to get some food for them. Worry no more! With the More Rewards feature, the rewards that you get from side missions will be greater than usual! You won't have to worry about influence anymore!

21. More Enclaves - do you feel lonely that there are almost no other survivors around to interact with? With More Enclaves, there will always be other people minding their own business or trying to make friends with you! They'll also ask you for favors often, so be ready to help out if you can! Even if they don't give you missions, you'll sometimes encounter them outside as they try to fight off a horde or as they run off to wherever they're going. Sometimes, they'll even hang out in your home base! More Enclaves also has a lot of versions. You can have extra ammo and weapons in the enclave lockers of almost every type if you wish. You can also disable all special zombies or only enable the type that you want to encounter in the wild.

22. Black Fever - being bitten by a zombie is no joke! This is usually the start of someone's slow journey towards becoming a zombie himself! With Black Fever, any character who gets too close to death, not just zombie bites, will suffer from Black Fever. They'll start coughing and vomiting. They won't be too useful for the entire group at all! Maybe you'll have to shoot them in the head before they become a zombie? Fortunately, if you have a good enough medical station, there's a very small chance that the Black Fever will go away. A doctor can also heal someone with Black Fever to temporarily delay his inevitable death.

23. Sick World - have you ever wondered how come there are still lots of uninfected people walking around? Now's your chance to give everyone the Black Fever! With Sick World, every character in the game, right from the beginning, is suffering from Black Fever! Who knows who will become a zombie next or who will need that mercy shot tomorrow! Survivors continue to fight for their lives, but is there really any hope?

24. Rambo - ever felt like just going on a rampage like a certain Vietnam War hero? Arm yourself with above average human strength and the ability to carry a lot of ammo with the Rambo feature! Carry as much weapons of skull obliteration as you want! Become a one man zombie extermination army! Become Rambo!

25. Disable/Enable Special Zombies - are you tired of having those unwanted ferals, super fat zombies, and exploding bloaters ruin your zombie paradise? Now you can disable them from spawning in the world! Screamers will still appear inside infestations.

26.Breakdown Extra Ammo - Breakdown also comes with more ammo for you to start with! This works differently from the Extra Ammo of the Main Story. To get extra ammo and weapons, start a New Game with Breakdown, choose to begin with a Random Character, and start from level 1. Starting from level 2 won't give you extra ammo and weapons. Starting with a Hero Character like Jacob, Ed, and others won't give you extra ammo and weapons.

V. Troubleshooting:

Q1: The mod is not working the way it's supposed to!
- Please make sure you are only using one mod at a time. Using multiple mods from different authors at once may cause files to overwrite each other, causing strange effects.
- Start a New Game.
- The game continues to change every update it receives. This means that mods may or may not work during different versions of the game.
- Make sure you don't mix the Main Story and Breakdown DLC features together.

Q2: My game crashes when using the George Romero mod!
- Make sure you are not using any other mods because using multiple mods from different people can overwrite certain files, therefore causing a crash.
- Try to start a new game.
- If starting a new game you still encounter a crash, uninstall the George Romero mod first. Start a new game and then get to the church by doing the first mission and then save. Install the George Romero mod.
- Make sure you don't mix the Main Story and Breakdown DLC features together.

Q3: When using Even More Zombies, sometimes I can't hit the zombies!
- There seems to be a limitation set by the game as to how many "active" zombies can exist at once. This means that even though you see hundreds of zombies and it becomes too crowded, the active zombies are usually the ones nearest to you. It's just the way the game was designed.

Q4: When using More Enclaves, I loaded an old game but it got messed up!
- Certain features of the George Romero mod require a fresh New Game, and this includes all the More Enclaves variations. Please check the installation section of this ReadMe file to find out which files require a New Game.

Q5: Why are there still Screamers when using No Special Zombies in Breakdown?
- No Special Zombies affects "real time" spawning. This means those special zombies, aside from the Screamer, will never spawn while you're exploring.
- Screamers are an integral part of infestations, they are forced to appear there.

Q6: Breakdown's Extra Ammo feature doesn't seem to work!
- It only works if you start a New Game with a Random Character.
- Hero characters like Jacob, Ed, Alan, and others can't get extra ammo and weapons.
- This is different from Main Story's Extra Ammo because of how Breakdown works. Enclaves are forced with only certain items.

Q7: Why can't I use features from the Main Story in Breakdown and vice versa?
- Even though the Main Story and Breakdown have similarly named files, the contents are different. This is why if you use a feature, for example, Main Story's Slow Zombies while you're playing Breakdown, it would cause the game to crash.
- Always use Main Story features for the game's Main Story, and Breakdown's features for Breakdown to avoid problems.
- Always completely uninstall the George Romero Mod when switching between playing Main Story and Breakdown before re-installing the features that you like.

Q8: What do you mean by "Don't use multiple mods at the same time"? The George Romero Mod has tons of mods inside it!
- I mean don't use mods from different mod authors at the same time. For example, the author of the George Romero Mod is me, Adeno. Using it with another mod created by an imaginary modder that we'll call "AnotherModder" can cause problems due to file differences.
- You can mix and match all of the features that I included inside the George Romero Mod. If it's inside the file, then you can use them freely.

Q9: I want to use an old saved game that didn't use any mods previously with the George Romero Mod, why does it seem messed up?
- The George Romero Mod is best used when starting a New Game. When you start a new game, certain game settings are initialized and saved into your file. If the game reads a different version of the file from the one you saved before, it will get confused and start bugging up.
- The only files that can be used without having to start a new game (if you don't want potential bugs) are features that go into the script folder when you extract them. For example, all the vehicular damage, Deadlight, and Loud Firearms features can be used on old saved games because these features go into the script folder.
- For safety's sake, always back-up your game saves and only use the George Romero Mod when starting a New Game.

Q10: Where can I find the latest version of the George Romero mod?

VI. Thanks:
Thanks to atxoxx and DeeJay for finding out about the zombie population properties and giving the idea to use a hex editor for BMD files! Thanks also goes to Phacops for helping me remove the red tint for Fulci Vision. Special thanks to grimreefer24601 and dude1234 for making the BMD Editor and XML to BMD compiler that I now use.

Thanks to ~Silver, Slain Necros, Adejam, BuzzLiteBeer, tobu24, Hitom, jwideman, and chaz for helping me do some Enclaves tests.

Thanks also to the people who remembered me for my George Romero mod for Dead Island and Riptide! Thanks as well to the Undead Labs community for appreciating the George Romero mod!

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