War on Terror English Demo

Posted: 16.02.2006 | Comments: 0
The English version of playable demo for War on Terror is now online! It includes mission 4 of the WOFOR campaign, named "Forgotten Hope", placed at Point Hope, Alaska.
498.67 MB | 1127 downloads
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War on Terror German Demo

Posted: 15.02.2006 | Comments: 0
This is German demo that allows you to check out War On Terror, which brings modern strike warfare to real-time gaming.
498.67 MB | 281 downloads
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Starport Galactic Empires Demo

Posted: 11.02.2006 | Comments: 0
An updated Starport Galactic Empires demo that brings numerous tutorials, missions, new galaxy maps, and much more.
50.88 MB | 328 downloads
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Galactic Dream Demo 1.18

Posted: 09.02.2006 | Comments: 0
This updated demo brings a new spell system, graphics improvements and the possibility to rebuild destroyed ships.
40.14 MB | 194 downloads
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The Battle for Middle-Earth II SP Demo

Posted: 09.02.2006 | Comments: 0
This SP demo consists of two tutorials and two single-player maps titled: Withered Heath and Harlindon.
1,400.36 MB | 5179 downloads
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The Movies Demo

Posted: 03.02.2006 | Comments: 0
Check out The Movies in this demo version. It holds the tutorial and bits of the actual game.
285.53 MB | 6991 downloads
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Star Wars: Empire at War Demo

Posted: 18.01.2006 | Comments: 1
Star Wars: Empire at War SP demo is now online featuring five tutorials, and one galactic conquest map.
741.89 MB | 8675 downloads
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Tycoon City: New York Demo

Posted: 14.01.2006 | Comments: 0
The Tycoon City: New York demo is now online, introducing the first part of the building mode.
626.18 MB | 17612 downloads
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Night Watch Demo

Posted: 12.01.2006 | Comments: 0
Night Watch demo contains a cinematic intro, three playable classes, the first three missions including tutorials, and much more.
292.48 MB | 3782 downloads
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ALFA Antiterror Demo #2

Posted: 30.12.2005 | Comments: 0
This release contains one SP operation named Post, as well as a single multiplayer level called Tram Depot, playable in hotseat and LAN modes.
361.84 MB | 263 downloads
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ALFA Antiterror Demo #1

Posted: 30.12.2005 | Comments: 0
First demo of ALFA Antiterror.
1,143.77 MB | 196 downloads
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Takeda 2 Demo 1.1

Posted: 20.12.2005 | Comments: 0
This demo includes one battle in the Takeda, Oda and Nageo campaigns.
371.38 MB | 1668 downloads
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Galactic Dream Demo

Posted: 16.12.2005 | Comments: 0
This release will offer you a chance to check out Galatic Dream, in which four species are fighting for their survival.
34.54 MB | 250 downloads
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Armies of Exigo MP Demo

Posted: 15.12.2005 | Comments: 0
This is a multiplayer demo of Armies of Exigo.
449.73 MB | 191 downloads
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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Demo (Mac)

Posted: 13.12.2005 | Comments: 0
Demo for Macintosh.
64.68 MB | 11375 downloads
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Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga Demo

Posted: 12.12.2005 | Comments: 0
The demo includes the full tutorial campaign, including a free-form scenario called The Jupiter Initiative in which the player takes command of Earth forces to repel an Android Invasion.
37.84 MB | 453 downloads
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Dragonshard SP Demo

Posted: 10.12.2005 | Comments: 0
The demo contains parts of the first two campaign chapters.
370.10 MB | 1927 downloads
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Mall Tycoon 3 Demo

Posted: 06.12.2005 | Comments: 0
A playable demo is out for Mall Tycoon 3, a dynamic new 3D environment; expressive, interactive shoppers; and trendy, customizable stores that will bring the mall experience to life like never before.
172.30 MB | 1734 downloads
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Myth III: The Wolf Age Demo

Posted: 03.12.2005 | Comments: 0
Demo version of Myth III: The Wolf Age.
98.66 MB | 409 downloads
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Civilization IV Demo

Posted: 02.12.2005 | Comments: 0
Civilization IV demo allows you to try out a tutorial and a 100 turn demo level.
314.27 MB | 3397 downloads
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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa Demo 1.04

Posted: 02.12.2005 | Comments: 0
The demo fixes a crash bug, the Flamingo level difficulty, a mini-map issue and much more. Trial version of Wildlife Tycoon demo is freely playable for generous 60 minutes, but as well contains all content of the full game that you can activate after purchasing a license key online.
17.41 MB | 412 downloads
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Marine Park Empire Demo 1.2

Posted: 12.11.2005 | Comments: 0
Marine Park Empire demo contains all the improvements and fixes from the retail patch.
397.65 MB | 678 downloads
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Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space Demo

Posted: 11.11.2005 | Comments: 0
Try out a demo of this space empire game.
17.02 MB | 260 downloads
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Darwinia Demo 1.3 Linux

Posted: 07.11.2005 | Comments: 0
Darwinia linux demo version 1.3.
21.43 MB | 77 downloads
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Diplomacy Demo

Posted: 29.10.2005 | Comments: 0
Set in early 20th century Europe, this PC adaptation brings the power struggles of seven mighty nations to life like never before. Its abstracted and simple gameplay puts the focus on the need for shrewd negotiations and overall strategy.
94.21 MB | 1007 downloads
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Magic Match Demo

Posted: 27.10.2005 | Comments: 0
The mystical world of Magic Match is waiting to be discovered! Try out a puzzle game that will charm you with its magical powers and glittering treasures!
5.86 MB | 3357 downloads
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Earth 2160 Demo

Posted: 26.10.2005 | Comments: 0
The brand new demo for Earth 2160 is now online! It will offer you a chance to save the human race from elimination.
357.07 MB | 1171 downloads
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Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species Demo

Posted: 25.10.2005 | Comments: 0
This release consists of the Tropical Rainforest map situated in South Asia.
219.35 MB | 444 downloads
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Land of Legends Updated Demo

Posted: 20.10.2005 | Comments: 0
Land of Legends fully playable demo.
66.10 MB | 205 downloads
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Age of Empires III Demo 1.1

Posted: 19.10.2005 | Comments: 0
An updated playable demo for Age of Empires III is now online, offering you two singleplayer missions and two skirmish maps.
426.76 MB | 3953 downloads
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UFO: Aftershock Demo

Posted: 14.10.2005 | Comments: 0
This demo contains three tactical missions situated in London, Paris and Stuttgart.
267.83 MB | 866 downloads
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Legion Arena Demo

Posted: 14.10.2005 | Comments: 0
Legion Arena demo includes the tutorial and one battle from Caesars Gallic War campaign.
233.78 MB | 3657 downloads
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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault Demo

Posted: 29.09.2005 | Comments: 0
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault demo consists of map named Absolute Zero, a tutorial and a campaign mission.
362.03 MB | 6731 downloads
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Blitzkrieg II Demo MP

Posted: 28.09.2005 | Comments: 0
Multiplayer demo for Blitzkrieg II features 1 map called Autumn's Rain.
218.56 MB | 882 downloads
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Darwinia Demo 1.3

Posted: 26.09.2005 | Comments: 0
This demo features an entirely new scenario not included in the full game, as well as the new icon-based control mechanism and a full tutorial which should make the game a little easier to get into for new players.
18.92 MB | 477 downloads
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Deep Sea Tycoon 2 Demo

Posted: 25.09.2005 | Comments: 0
Play the game for 60 minutes.
32.62 MB | 3007 downloads
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Marine Park Empire Demo

Posted: 22.09.2005 | Comments: 0
Marine Park Empire demo gives you a chance to take a part in building and maintaining your own aquatic park. This download contains several missions and few tutorials.
399.67 MB | 762 downloads
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Codename: Panzers Phase Two Demo #2 SP

Posted: 19.09.2005 | Comments: 0
Another singleplayer demo of Panzers Phase Two that includes the Tunis mission.
517.92 MB | 3615 downloads
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Age of Empires III Demo

Posted: 07.09.2005 | Comments: 0
The demo includes single player skirmish mode and two missions in the single player campaign. In Skirmish mode you can play as the British or the Spanish empires in the New England and Texas maps.
365.83 MB | 6780 downloads
Download Demo

Blitzkrieg II Demo

Posted: 02.09.2005 | Comments: 0
This single player demo includes three explosive campaigns, titled: "Swift Justice", "Rail Wars", and "Two Stalingrad Strongholds", offering you a taste of each one.
269.49 MB | 9221 downloads
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