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25 May 2014

Contact Vector

An RTS, Command fleets and fight to save worlds from an unrelenting enemy, the destruction or survival of humanity lays in your hands.
Genre: Strategy
26 Feb 2014

StarDrive 2

In Zero Sum Games’ sequel to the popular original PC title, players can build a space empire and command huge fleets turn-by-turn in an immersive, living galaxy filled with nine alien races, pirate factions, galactic lore and mystery. Gamers can research hundreds of technologies, including technologies unique to their race, and build ships in...
Genre: Strategy
03 Dec 2013

Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul

Caesar in Gaul is the first campaign expansion for ROME II, and brings Caesar’s Gallic war to life in thrilling detail. Offering a tighter scope in terms of time and geography than ROME II, the Caesar in Gaul campaign map offers an expanded, more detailed vision of Gaul and the south coast of Britannia.

Players can choose from four...
Genre: Strategy
03 Oct 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - The Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within will add new abilities, upgrades, weapons, and a new soldier class to combat new enemy threats. This expansion pack will also introduce new resources, new maps, new tactical and strategic gameplay, and new multiplayer content.
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.0
12 Jul 2013

Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

In Dominions you take control of a powerful being that rules a nation and aspires to godhood. The type of Pretender Gods can vary from magically powerful arch mages to huge titans or large monuments. The pretender gods have different strengths dependent on what kind of god you choose and what nation you play.
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.0
14 May 2013

Contraption Maker

Solve puzzles involving ridiculous chain reactions full of hamster motors, trampolines, alligators, cats, and so much more. Then go to the powerful Maker Lab, where you can create your own contraptions. Everything you loved about the original game is back and improved with a new physics engine, high definition art, and new parts and...
Genre: Strategy
25 Apr 2013

Hell Invaders

Hell Invaders /features actual card battles--rather than two cards "fighting" on a table, the creatures within the cards actually have 3D representations that fight it out--as well as cards that sport upgrades and swappable skills, so even cards for the same creature can be completely different.

Players can battle it out in a single...
Genre: Strategy
31 Jan 2013

Leviathan: Warships

Leviathan: Warships is a strategic action game where players can build and customize their own fleet of warships to play with or against their friends. Play together in the co-op campaign missions against the growing Marauder threat or fight through special Challenge Missions with your friends. If you rather want to test your admiral...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.0
13 Sep 2012

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

Fortress Italy is a new "family" of Combat Mission games covering the Allied struggle to knock Italy out of the Second World War. This initial release deals explicitly with the battle for Sicily and sets the groundwork for future additions to simulate the hard fighting in the rugged terrain of "Europe's underbelly" up until the war's end in 1945.
Genre: Strategy
11 Jul 2012

Defense Grid 2

Genre: Strategy
02 Jul 2012

Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II takes players into the dangerous political machinations of Rome’s senate, while asking them to struggle with family dilemmas and question the loyalty of ‘friends’ and allies. Will you help forge an empire? Restore the Republic? Or grasp the reins of power for yourself, and assume the hated title of tyrant? Who will you...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.0
13 Jun 2012

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire

In Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, players are transported to Khanpaa, a peaceful country suffering under the brutal attacks of mercenary troops. To save his country from these bloody massacres, Ambassador Behnam Atiqullahs has no other choice but to hire his own mercenary teams to get to the bottom of these inexplicable and bloodthirsty attacks and...
Genre: Strategy
15 Feb 2012


FRAY is a unique and fast paced multiplayer simultaneous turn-based strategy game for PC and Mac. Plan your orders swiftly and watch the action unfold as all the players' squads execute their turns simultaneously. Choose your characters among 6 different classes and arm them with a vast arsenal of weapons and items. Before each combat, you can...
Genre: Strategy
05 Jan 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a re-imagining of X-COM, the classic strategy game from 1993, and developed by the award-winning creators of Civilization. You will control the fate of the human race by creating and managing a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions and controlling soldier movement in battle.
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.0
02 Dec 2011


In StarDrive, you will design your own race to lead into the stars. You will find new worlds to colonize and conquer, meet strange aliens to trade with or war upon, and implement strategies to promote trade within and growth of your interstellar empire. Expand your military forces by researching new technologies and ship designs. And, when...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 6.5
28 Nov 2011

Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai

The standalone expansion to the award winning Total War: SHOGUN 2 explores the conflict between the Imperial throne and the last Shogunate in 19th century Japan, 400 years after the events of the original game – a dramatic clash of traditional Samurai culture with the explosive power of modern weaponry. Guide ancient Japan into the modern...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.5
13 Sep 2011

Total War: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai

In the “Rise of the Samurai” campaign, players take on a brand new and independent campaign for Total War: SHOGUN 2 set in 12th century Japan. Set 400 years before the dramatic civil war depicted in Total War: SHOGUN 2, the “Rise of The Samurai” campaign is based on the Gempei War, a conflict between six legendary clans of the Taira, Minamoto...
Genre: Strategy
11 Aug 2011

Legends of Pegasus

Legends of Pegasus is a 4X space simulation will put players in control of the last surviving humans, as they explore space in a quest to expand their galactic empire. Players will conquer and explore an incredibly detailed 3D universe as they use economic, diplomatic and scientific means to expand their empires. Through a deep technology tree,...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 6.0
12 May 2011

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

Combat Mission - Battle for Normandy (CM:BN) faithfully recreates the experience of tactical land warfare in Western France during World War Two. Using the unique Turn-Based (WeGo)/Real-Time hybrid game system (new to CM? Click here for more info to learn what makes it unique and different from mainstream RTS games) of our proprietary CMx2...
Genre: Strategy
02 Feb 2011

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action takes us back to the fictitious island state of Arulco, where a ruthless woman dictator has seized power. The player’s mission is to hire the best mercenaries in the world to recapture the country zone by zone. He will be helped in this task by the local rebels whom he will train and arm. The player can exploit...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 7.5
03 Jun 2010

Total War: Shogun 2

It is the middle of the 16th Century in Feudal Japan. The country, once ruled by a unified government, is now split into many warring clans. Players take on the role of one Daimyo, the clan leader, and will use military engagements, economics and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal, re-unite Japan under his supreme command and become the new...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.0
22 Mar 2010

Soul Master

Soul Master is an addictive new genre-bending MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game that takes the innovation behind customizable “Hero” units in the RTS genre farther than ever before and allows players to have complete MMORPG-style control over their characters.

Featuring a combat system that allows players...
Genre: Strategy
01 Feb 2010

Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment

Genre: Strategy
01 Feb 2010

Victoria II

Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century. Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding it...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.5
10 Dec 2009

Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne

Requested by the fans, Heir to the Throne is the third expansion to the preeminent historical strategy game Europa Universalis III. The expansion takes the hugely successful game beyond complete, with improvements across the board.

• Intriguing Casus Belli system, where wars have specific goals from start to...
Genre: Strategy
24 Nov 2009

East India Company: Battle of Trafalgar

A complement to the original East India Company, East India Company: Battle of Trafalgar recreates the legendary naval battle fought between the British Royal navy and the combined fleets of the French and Spanish navies during the height of the Napoleonic wars in late 1805. Featuring historically accurate ships from all three fleets along with...
Genre: Strategy
21 Aug 2009

East India Company: Privateer

When playing Privateer, you can hire two distinct type of commanders for your fleets: merchant captains and privateers. You’ll be contracted by the crown or other powers for different missions, ranging from smugglin and escorting friendly fleets to locating, capturing or sinking important ships from enemy nations. Also included in East India...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 7.0
20 Aug 2009

Napoleon: Total War

In Napoleon: Total War, aspiring generals have the chance to play as the legendary French general Napoleon Bonaparte or as one of his opposing factions. Battling through his three biggest military campaigns, the game will take you through Italy and Egypt, narrating the early years of the fearsome commander, while the third campaign will tell the...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.0
26 Jun 2009

WW2 Total

WW2 games: Axis and Allies free strategy game with shooter WW2Total is the first WW2 game with a turn-based strategy game and shooter battles between Axis and Allies. This unique combination is an independent development from gamers for gamers. Over years this WW2 games were developed by experienced software engineers and they are under...
Genre: Strategy
10 Dec 2008

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Tower defense game that offers a new take on the genre and varying difficult levels.
Genre: Strategy
22 Aug 2007

Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War™ is set in the 18th century, a turbulent era that is the most requested by Total War’s™ loyal fan base and a period alive with global conflict, revolutionary fervour and technological advances. With themes such as the Industrial Revolution, America’s struggle for independence, the race to control Eastern trade routes and the...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.0
30 Mar 2007

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms is the official expansion to last year’s award-winning Medieval II: Total War, presenting players with all-new territories to explore, troops to command, and enemies to conquer.

Kingdoms is the most content-rich expansion ever produced for a Total War game, with four new entire campaigns centered on...
Genre: Strategy
15 Mar 2007

War Leaders: Clash of Nations

"Clash of Nations" is a 3D strategy game set in the Second World War, with two clearly differentiated playing parts, where the main goal for the player is to win the war with the help of his allies, so a change in the course of WWII History can be accomplished by assuming the role of an important and historic character: a "War Leader".

Genre: Strategy   Our score: 6.3
05 Oct 2006

Supreme Ruler 2020

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Supreme Ruler 2010. Supreme Ruler 2020 is a geopolitical real time strategy game of unmached scale and detail! Fueled by oil, political instability and regional disparity, the world decends into chaos. Economies collapse...Tensions escalate..Trade wars lead to shooting wars...Nations...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 7.7
28 Sep 2006

Pirates of the Atlantic

Defend your fortress from pirats with the help of some lead, a cannon, and a lot of gunpowder!
Genre: Strategy
29 Jun 2006

Total War: Era's

Total War: Eras includes every currently available Total War game: Shogun: Total War with the Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack, Medieval: Total War with the Viking Invasion Expansion Pack and Rome: Total War with both the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander packs. All of these outstanding products make up one of the most critically acclaimed and...
Genre: Strategy
25 May 2006

Bang! Howdy

"Bang! Howdy" is a hybrid between turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay, and is played in short fast-paced rounds. As the player progresses through unique Wild West settings, new units, gameplay scenarios, arenas, customizations and game features are introduced. Players can customize their in-game avatars with a wide array of Western...
Genre: Strategy
04 May 2006

Rome: Total War Alexander

The new historical battles in Rome – Alexander unlock sequentially, telling a story and accurately reflecting the conditions that Alexander endured and the tactics employed by his army. For the first time in the Total War™ series, developer Creative Assembly is elevating the production values and storytelling of its battles by linking them...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 8.8
23 Mar 2006

Dominions 3: The Awakening

They are returning. Awakening from a slumber beyond comprehension to mortals. Awakening to a world they once tried to claim. They promise much to their followers, and to their enemies they will deliver blood, fire, and death.

The coming chaos is a rebirth of a fire long thought quenched. The Akashic records recall the Age when the...
Genre: Strategy
21 Jan 2006

Medieval 2: Total War

Set between 1080 and 1503, one of the most formative and fractious periods in European history, Medieval 2: Total War plunges you into a turbulent era of religious conflict, brutal hand-to-hand warfare and political cunning. Battle will rage across Europe, the Middle East and eventually the New World as you encounter the mysterious Aztecs. A...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 9.3
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