High Score Date
Good 7.7

Supreme Ruler 2020 (PC)

Paradoxís Supreme Ruler 2020 comes three years later as a follow up to Supreme Ruler 2010 offering a list of improvements and variations.

Posted: 04.06.2008 02:57 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 6

Poor 6.8

Napoleon's Campaigns (PC)

Napoleonís Campaigns is not one for the average turn-based strategy gamer and will likely be no friend what-so-ever to the casual gamer.

Posted: 02.06.2008 10:53 by Simon Priest | Comments: 2

Excellent 8.0

Spellforce: Universe (PC)

Itís hard not to recommend SpellForce Universe to RPG and strategy fans looking for something to kill a bit of time before the next big thing comes...

Posted: 27.05.2008 12:36 by Matt Keller | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

The Golden Horde (PC)

The Golden Horde isnít your traditional run-of-the-mill real-time strategy game, and Iím not talking about its period setting.

Posted: 29.04.2008 12:02 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Good 7.2

Fantasy Wars (PC)

Fantasy Wars is very pleasant to play, its easy to both play briefly and walk away, or to completely lose track of time in the 'just-one-more-turn'...

Posted: 21.04.2008 12:43 by Bryan Brown | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.0

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (PC)

Kane's Wrath is a commendable expansion to an already-impressive game.

Posted: 14.04.2008 14:31 by Andy Alderson | Comments: 9

Excellent 8.2

Europa Universalis: Rome (PC)

Europa Universalis: Rome likes to you give you plenty to think about aside from just what province is next on your shopping list.

Posted: 14.04.2008 10:31 by Simon Priest | Comments: 8

Good 7.2

Lost Empire: Immortals (PC)

Pollux have ensured that there is enough size and depth in Immortals to ensnare the PC 4X fan.

Posted: 26.03.2008 14:23 by Andy Alderson | Comments: 2

Good 7.0

Band of Bugs (PC)

All in all Band of Bugs was a good play, though how much replayability for the price tag it has is yet to be seen.

Posted: 04.03.2008 10:09 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Saga (PC)

Saga has moved away from the typical MMORPG to an MMO strategy and world building game...

Posted: 28.02.2008 09:24 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 8

Good 7.8

Imperium Romanum (PC)

Whilst Imperium Romanum doesn't do anything to reinvent the genre as a whole, it's certainly a well-refined product that's worth a look to veteran...

Posted: 21.02.2008 12:08 by Emmanuel Brown | Comments: 4

Poor 5.8

SunAge (PC)

When I first saw the descriptions of SunAge this was a game that I wanted to like.

Posted: 01.02.2008 11:25 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.2

Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC)

Petroglyph, encompassing many veterans of real-time strategy, has set their sights on the Universe but first they just couldn't resist raising a...

Posted: 24.01.2008 15:20 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Poor 5.8

Empire Earth III (PC)

Empire Earth is striking the globe once again in this third reiteration, and this time around the whole World is up for a scrap.

Posted: 10.12.2007 15:35 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Poor 6.7

Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation (PC)

Unlike many other more generic games of its type, the whole Blitzkrieg corpus prides itself on its attention to historical detail.

Posted: 20.09.2007 03:27 by Govan Roberts | Comments: 0

Good 7.7

Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood (PC)

Sword of the Stars is unique from other turn-based space empire titles out there, the enormous sizes of the galaxies and their shapes set it apart.

Posted: 17.09.2007 05:25 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Good 7.5

UFO: Trilogy (PC)

The UFO series has gone from mediocre beginnings to something exciting. Now four years and three games down the line we have a shiny new trilogy pack.

Posted: 03.09.2007 04:24 by Alec Hilton | Comments: 0

Poor 6.2

Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power (PC)

It seems we have yet another laboured genre emerging: the futuristic, post-apocalyptic, stranded on an alien planet, turn based strategy-'em-up.

Posted: 29.08.2007 05:13 by Spanner | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.0

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (PC)

Corporations, espionage, scenarios, mods, empires, leaders, units, and wonders - Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is one impressive expansion.

Posted: 02.08.2007 12:45 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.3


Defcon is a deceptively simple multiplayer strategy game, the objective of which is simply to kill as much of the opposition civilian population as...

Posted: 19.07.2007 04:20 by Emmanuel Brown | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

Pacific Storm: Allies (PC)

Pacific Storm: Allies is an update to the original Pacific Storm release from last year. This was a war game that took a different approach to the...

Posted: 07.06.2007 12:59 by Andy Robertson | Comments: 0

Good 7.2

UFO: Extraterrestrials (PC)

The game retains the high replayablility factor of the classic games combined with updated graphics and smooth game play.

Posted: 22.05.2007 14:55 by Bryan Brown | Comments: 0

Poor 4.8

Sparta: Ancient Wars (PC)

Many RTS games start off deliberately small, allowing gamers the room to find their directorial feet, and Ancient Wars: Sparta is no different.

Posted: 10.05.2007 14:32 by Spanner | Comments: 2

Poor 6.8

War Front: Turning Point (PC)

War Front: Turning Point really doesnít do anything new for RTS games but it does take a neat story idea and combine it with some pretty cool units.

Posted: 10.05.2007 13:23 by John Wallace | Comments: 0

Poor 5.3

Genesis Rising: The Universal (PC)

A confusing mixture of great ideas going unexplored and unusual gameplay elements poorly implemented, it's difficult to decide whether Genesis...

Posted: 30.04.2007 13:08 by Spanner | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.8

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars is a great addition to the franchise and many fans will be breathing a sigh of relief as it returns to more...

Posted: 20.04.2007 00:01 by Simon Priest | Comments: 1

Superb! 9.0

Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar (PC)

If you're a fan of Dread Lords, then this expansion should absolutely be on your list to pick up as soon as possible.

Posted: 04.04.2007 05:07 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Making History: The Calm & The Storm (PC)

Making History the Calm and the Storm is the kind of game that a history buff, a war gamer, or the micro-managing gamer can really appreciate.

Posted: 30.03.2007 03:25 by Lynn Little | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Frontline: Fields of Thunder (PC)

Frontline: Fields Of Thunder details the biggest tank battle in the history with such devastating realism that you'll probably emerge from your...

Posted: 19.03.2007 16:36 by Alex Jeffreys | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.3

Supreme Commander (PC)

It's big, it's beautiful, it's tense, it's fast, it's fun. Supreme Commander is the type of creation that makes you proud to be a gamer.

Posted: 23.02.2007 13:19 by Simon Priest | Comments: 5

Superb! 9.2

Europa Universalis III (PC)

Paradox has been the soul of historical computer strategy gaming and with Europa Universalis 3 it proves to remain so for years to come.

Posted: 12.02.2007 04:00 by John Wallace | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.2

Maelstrom (PC)

KDV and Codemasters has a lot to be proud of in their latest creation, Maelstrom is a beautiful game filled with a lot of strategic talent and...

Posted: 09.02.2007 03:18 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

UFO: Afterlight (PC)

UFO: Afterlight is a great game that you'll find yourself unable to step away from because you have to research one thing more, or expand to one...

Posted: 25.01.2007 04:32 by Rob Holland | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Ancient Empires Lux (PC)

Overall this is a great game. It's easily picked up and played for a few hours with a lot of options for replaying.

Posted: 15.01.2007 04:06 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Caesar IV (PC)

After a long 8 year break, Sierra has brought back one of the greatest city builders around.

Posted: 09.01.2007 03:24 by Simon Priest | Comments: 1

Good 7.8

Lord of the Rings: TBFME II - Rise of the Witch-king (PC)

The Rise of the Witch-king is a great expansion and worthy of the franchise as a whole.

Posted: 03.01.2007 04:09 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (PC)

Forces of Corruption is an absolute must-have for fans of Empire At War, it adds great new features and fantastic new units.

Posted: 28.12.2006 06:15 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Space Empires: V (PC)

SEV doesn't bring anything new to the table but it is a refinement of the genre.

Posted: 18.12.2006 03:46 by Donna Kostika | Comments: 0

Poor 6.3

Star Trek: Legacy (PC)

The game comes with a network multiplayer mode, but given the lack of strategic elements within the game that really doesn't count for much.

Posted: 15.12.2006 15:46 by Richard Nolan | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich (PC)

FoTR is a fairly run of the mill expansion pack that offers few new incentives in terms of missions or units, and it's not something for every WWII...

Posted: 07.12.2006 03:39 by Rob Holland | Comments: 0

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