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12 May 2011

Tech Ships: Waves of Victory

In the year of 2018 world war three broke out shattering the earth into pieces. Now on one of the surviving chunks of the earth the human race has begun to rebuild. But as they rebuild there were factions forming with a pure hatred for the other. Of these sides there is the last remaining government and official leaders that survived the...
Genre: Strategy
10 Feb 2011

Pirates of Black Cove

Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games announced its new RTS/RPG game Pirates of Black Cove on the Paradox Interactive Convention 2011. So prepare for the 16th century, the golden era of pirates! This is your chance to conquer the Caribbean, because the Pirates of Black Cove challenge you to roam the open world with your pirate crew. Notoriety...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 7.5
27 Feb 2009


3D naval RTS game featuring an advanced physics engine and a devotion to realism and historical accuracy.
Genre: Strategy
23 May 2007

Carriers at War

Carriers at War focuses heavily on carrier fleet command strategy. Other units are represented and play a part in battle, but as the title suggests the queen of the sea is the focus.


  • Command carriers in the greatest naval engagements of World War 2, including Pearl Harbor, Midway, Coral Sea, Eastern Solomons,...
  • Genre: Strategy
    03 Mar 2006

    Buccaneer's Bounty

    Buccaneer’s Bounty, a compilation of three top-rated pirate-themed strategy games – Port Royale 2™, Tortuga™ and Patrician III. Port Royale 2 is an all-encompassing RTS trading adventure set in the 16th and 17th centuries. The game immerses gamers in the historic rivalry between pirates and buccaneers. As a pirate or trader, players embark on a...
    Genre: Strategy   Our score: 6.8
    05 Dec 2005

    War Plan Orange: Dreadnaughts in the pacific 1922-1930

    The year is 1922, World War I has come to a close but tensions still run high. The United States, fearing the worst, developed a system of plans for a potential war in the Pacific against Japan. In the real world most of these plans never saw the light of day, but in War Plan Orange: Dreadnoughts in the Pacific 1922-1930, the conflicts that...
    Genre: Strategy