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28 Aug 2013

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

The skies over Europe are a dangerous place, where ace pilots lead their squadrons to glorious victory or crushing defeat! Take control of dozens of the most famous fighter planes of WWI and head into the dogfight. Roll, slip, and loop to get the drop on enemy aces. Upgrade your fighters over the course of your campaign and promote your best...
Genre: Strategy
08 Aug 2012

Navy Field 2

Navyfield 2: Conqueror of the Ocean is an online game that uses the real-time strategy (RTS) model in a truly innovative way. Similar to the well-known original title, Navyfield, Navyfield2 utilizes the same impressive graphical capabilities of the Gamebryo engine and supports up to 192 ships controlled by 64 players at a time. Playable ships...
Genre: Strategy
01 Apr 2012

Making History: The Great War

Making History - The Great War: Take control as leader of one of the Great Powers during the era of the First World War and make the tough calls on how to manage your nationís financial, technological, political and military decisions.

Will you spread your influence over the world, bolster your nationís resources, or attempt to build...
Genre: Strategy
06 Mar 2012

Omerta: City of Gangsters

In Omerta, players will take on the role of a fresh-off-the-boat gangster, as he struggles to make a name for himself and build a criminal empire in a meticulously recreated prohibition-era Atlantic City. Gameplay will combine with strategic elements, as players spread their empire across the map, and tactical combat, with players fighting...
Genre: Strategy   Our score: 4.0
19 Jul 2011

Commander - The Great War

At the heart of the conflict, when men fought for every inch of land, only visionary leaders could make the choices that would lead their troops to victory. The remarkable sequence of events that inexorably led to the 'Great War' is written in our history books and pictured in our movies. Now a turn-based strategy game captures this time of war...
Genre: Strategy
27 Nov 2007

Guns of August

Guns of August puts players in command of waging World War I at a grand strategic scale from Paris to Baghdad. The entire Western, Eastern, Italian and Balkan fronts are included as are the three fronts of the Ottoman Empire. Production, combat, diplomacy, research, trenches, fog of war, and not to mention land, sea and air combat are all...
Genre: Strategy
16 Aug 2007

Brass Hats

Brass Hats is a turn-based war game, available for Mac and PC. Play the role of a high ranking officer, a so-called Brass Hat, strategically commanding infantry, early tanks, biplanes, and naval ships to victory!

Brass Hats follows in the footsteps of great games such as Empire, Military Madness (Nectaris), Panzer General, and Advance...
Genre: Strategy
16 Mar 2006

Navy Field

NAVY FIELD is a Massively Multi Player Online Tactics Game. NAVY FIELD redefines the concept of online multi-player gaming. This type of game has never been developed before and will provide players with a totally new gaming experience. NAVY FIELD is currently marketed and sold in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China. NAVY FIELD is based on naval...
Genre: Strategy
07 Dec 2005

1914 - The Great War

The player takes on the career of an officer in World War I. This main character is assigned by his superior to various posts along the fighting fronts of Western Europe, where he must prove his strategic abilities. The game features two campaigns consisting of 15 exciting missions each, all based on original battles. To begin with, players must...
Genre: Strategy
05 Dec 2005

War Plan Orange: Dreadnaughts in the pacific 1922-1930

The year is 1922, World War I has come to a close but tensions still run high. The United States, fearing the worst, developed a system of plans for a potential war in the Pacific against Japan. In the real world most of these plans never saw the light of day, but in War Plan Orange: Dreadnoughts in the Pacific 1922-1930, the conflicts that...
Genre: Strategy
12 Jun 2005

World War I

World War I is an RTS that orders the player to assume the role of commander leading the forces of Germany, Russia or Allies. Gamers must be prepared to test their military leadership skills on the battlefields of Europe during one of the most costly wars of human life in mankind's history (1914-1918). Players will have to use tactical skills...
Genre: Strategy