Street Fighter IV, review by FoolWolf

Street Fighter IV

Well, I downloaded this via Steam, sadly understood that you cant save your progress without being logged in on Windows LIVE - had I known, I think I would have waited with this for the Xbox. Well I got it, started it up and it is incredibly difficult! Even on the easiest setting it is shit-hard and it is really tough to get into the game. I really believed the hype, plugged a controller into the PC and realized that the controller can't even handle all moves :S.
The game is just not that well made, it sure looks lovely, performs nicely on the PC but it is all the little things. As the "Want to continue?" and you say yes and you find yourself back at character selection menu. Continue with what exactly? There is no real introduction course - you are more or less supposed to know the game already - so if you are new to Street Fighter - find a manual! In my case I played Street Fighter 2 on the console back in my military service day, thats about 16 years ago, so I guess I have as much time between my street fighter plays as the masters of this games are old now...
With that in mind, it still could be the game for you - but in my humble opinion - if I want a fighting game I stick with Dead or Alive on the Xbox - what consoles are great for and PC is getting even more behind.
Posted on 07/09/2009 15:21
4.0 bad