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Update Notes

This patch is for Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, and it works on both stand-alone install and merged install with Strike Fighters 2.

If you have installed any mods to the game, please check the list of updated files to see any data files you've extracted have been changed. You must manually delete and/or updated these files, or the patched game may not run correctly.

List of changes in this Update include:

Apr 2009b

* 3d model for Mk 84 bomb not displaying is fixed.

* F-105D tail hook not being animated is fixed.

* Internal ECM and chaff dispenser are removed from A-7D.

* Damage textures on A-1 not appearing correctly is fixed.

* Serial numbers and squadron decals for A-7D are added.

* A-4F assigned wrong engine data is fixed.

* ECM pods are added to default loadout for later model F-4s.

* F-4D (67)'s RWR not displaying correctly is fixed.

* F-4E's radar now have additional range setting of 5 nm.

* Bridge spans not aligned in height is fixed.

* Hull number decals not showing up on aircraft carrier is fixed.

* Squadron pilots roster screen not showing the number of missions
flown is fixed.

* Campaign missions always attacking the same runway is fixed.

* Campaign end screen not displaying correctly is fixed.

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