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Dec 2009

* Sound is now turned off when the game is paused.

* HUD flight information window now shows speed in Mach number when current speed is more than Mach 0.9.

* Support for Force Feedback effects has been added.

* Speech subtitle is now color coded - red indicates warning against
the player, yellow indicates other speeches to/from player's flight, and blue indicates all other radio chatter.

* Less messages are displayed when HUD option is set at Hard setting.

* Overcast sky is rendered correctly in cockpit mirror.

* V-sync is enabled by default in DX10 mode.

* Full-screen anti-alisasing now defaults to a lower-quality (and better performance) setting.

* ForceDX9= option to manually fallback to DX9 rendering is added to the Options.INI.

* Unlimited Effect setting has been added. This setting will add HDR effects when using DX10 Shaders.

* The game uses more advanced DX10 shaders when Effects option is set on High or Unlimited.

* HUD options set at Hard now defaults to all display OFF.

* A-7D Squadrons have been added to On Strike Fighters 2 Europe 1979 campaign.

* Default texture sets can now be selected based on mission date.

* Menu screens have been changed to use JPG format.

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