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MapName: Dark Destiny

MapInfo: Tihs is a 20x20 4 Plyer map. Each plyer starts on there own
island(NE corner, SE corner, SW corner, and NW corner). There are 2
more MassEx on two small islands to the north, east, south, and west.
The rest of the MassE are on the island in the center of the map.There
are also 4 hydrcarbon plants on the center island. Have fun fighting
for that center island.

Install: Just put the folder Dark Destiny in your maps folder. Put
the env folder in your main supreme commander directory. If you al-
ready have that folder in your main directory just put the subfolder
(its also called Dark Destiny) in your env folder. If that dosent
work just take out the 2 dds files in that folder and put them in
your env folder.

By: lord_maniac

email: or

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