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Author: lord_maniac

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MAP: R.Ventura Island

MAPINFO: A 40x40 8plyer map with four corner islands and a main island
in the center. Each plyer gets 7 mass extractors in its area and one
hydrocarbon power plant. On the main land there are 7 mass extractors
to fight for. Three of them are secured by some uef defenses. The four
corner islands are not flat but you can still build on them. Theres lots
of trees and rocks. The island was named by its founder Gen. R.Ventura.
She was a uef general taht die to protect the island.

Install: Extract to your map folder. Put the env folder in your main
directory or if you already have a env folder just put the subfolder thats
in it in your env folder.

BY: lord_maniac

Email: or

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