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Author: lord_maniac

Readme File:
Name: MapPack1
Map Names: 1. Center Richies 3
2. Center Richies 4
3. Expanded Richies

INFO: Center Richies 3 is a 5x5 2plyer map with a center island with
a lot of mass extractors. Each plyer starts to the NW or the SE corner
of the map.
Center Richies 4 is a 10x10 4plyer map with a connecting island
in the center with a lot of mass extractors. And 4 small islands North,
east, south, and west of the center island that have one hydrocarbon
power plants protected by two artillary buildings.
Expanded Richies is a 10x10 6plyer map where plyers start in
locations in the center of the map( Center north, Center NE, Center SE,
Center South, Center SW, and Center NW). There are 4 mass richies areas.
One to the NW, NE, SE, and SW corners protected by 5 point defenese, 1
artillary defenes, and 2 sam defemses on each side of the mass area.
To the top north and bottom south of the map there are 2 mass extractors
and one hydrocarbon power plants. In the center of the is a body of water
to build naval forces.

Install: Just extract to a temp folder and put the folders Center Richies 3,
Center Richies 4, and Expanded Richies in your maps folder. Put the env folder
in your main directory. If you have a env folder already just put the subfolder
called MapPack1 thats in the env folder in your env foleder.

By: lord_maniac

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