Supreme Commander, review by Greekraven

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"Highly addictive"

Great game however it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Online multiplayer needs to be incorporated in the game.
This is an awesome game and the amount of things you can do thats hidden within each unit is amazing, im still finding out what each unit does each time I play a new game. However the online multiplayer system is horrible, it should've been incorporated in-game instead of a external system and should be a lot easier to use but when you do get to play online the games are great, the game itself is great just needs improvements in that area :) Some examples of awesome abilites in the units is stuff like the Commander for instance, he can upgrade himself around 5 times or so and other random tech 1 land units can help repair things and the queue system is just amazing, you can have everything doing something right from the start and they dont stop the whole game, also assisting is great, stack them up on a nuke station and build your nukes faster or plants and things like that, you wouldnt believe all the things you can do in this game.
Posted on 07/07/2007 11:58
9.5 perfect