Supreme Commander, review by DeusExVis


Ever heard of a little game called Total Annihilation? It came out when I was 7, and I was playing it for the next 4 years after that. That game rocked my world, and set me on the path to world domination. Now that I am part of the military-industrial complex of this great nation, Chris Taylor has seen fit to give me another war, strategy game with which to hone my skills. This game is the perfect military-industrial simulation, with the same demands for splitting one's attention between strategic unit deployment and economic management and growth. If only the graphics were better...hahaha, just kidding, the graphics are incredible, even at the individual bot level. The only thing one might say about it is the balance issues in the initial offering, but the subsequent patches have changed that, so I really have no complaints. I approve!
Posted on 12/17/2007 15:21
9.5 perfect