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Eco Mod + Blitzkrieg AI

(Rate-Based Economy System)
Recommend to be used with the Economy Panel Mod

Thanks to Mithy for his codding help and hooking tips :-), And thanks to theshadowlord for the concept and giving me a starting point to work from.

DLC Support only
Can Be Used With both Vanilla SC2 And Mods
Requests Mithys Mod Support MiniMod v6 and up

Version 1.2
AI Has been given unlimited Mass and Energy (Blitzkrieg AI)
Supports mithys mod support v6 or later
Pause Ability added to UEF Energy Generators Engineering Arm

Version 1.1
Improved AI handling of new eco
Fixed rebuild bonuses costing resources
Fixed combat scoring removing points
AI Support added for the upcoming Revamp Expansion Mod Version 1.05

Version 1.0
Improved the work around system

Play with a drain based economy like in SC1, FA.

This mod is configured for use with SC2 Mod Manager
Place the eco mod.scd within Steamsteamappscommonsupremecommander2gamedata to enable it without the mod manager you will also need to place mithys mod support minimod into your game data folder as well.

LiveOrDie | OverRated 2011

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