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Update available!

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (41.39 MB)
File name: SCMP_Rhuli_v2.rar
Currently working on polishing this map (it is not finished) but I figured I'd share with the community in attempts to gather pros/cons from the last survivors of the greatest RTS ever to be made :)

Feel free to leave comments!
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By GlobeNorth (SI Veteran Newbie) on Feb 24, 2012
Updates coming this Sunday or as soon as completed, keep an eye open for the following:

-Corrected Navel
-Corrected Textures
-Corrected terrain scaling
-Corrected Spawn points

-Added Resource areas for all spawn points
-Random resource areas
-Scenery Resources (Trees/rocks/etc.)

Again, if you're able please drop some comments and list your likes/dislikes on the map. Mostly just looking for experience in terrain creation and I know many supcom players would appreciate some new content :)
By GlobeNorth (SI Veteran Newbie) on Feb 26, 2012
Update to be posted within the next few hours, currently working on:

-Terrain detail layers
-Spawn / Resource Points
By GlobeNorth (SI Veteran Newbie) on Feb 27, 2012
Posting update by 8pm Easter time, still have texturing and Spawn/Resource pts to be added.

Once v2 has been posted I'll work on minor map polishing to a finished version (v5).

Again, any comments on these would be greatly appreciated :)

Happy to see the current post (v1) is being downloaded, even though it's....kinda garbage.

Thanks All,