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Unzip folder into your 'maps' directory located within SCFA root directory (if you are unsure of this location simply search where you've installed SCFA for a folder titled "maps")

You're now ready to enjoy the mayhem!


1. Core Maximizer is HIGHLY recommended, as the game continuously slows down with a rapid drop in performance around 30-40 minuets game time. Core maximizer will NOT resolve this issue (at least it hasn't for me) although it will assist greatly. I was able to get about an extra 20 enjoyable minuets of game time. My current rig is a 3.6ghz 8-core cpu, gtx 580 gpu and 16gb ram...I'm pretty sure it's capable of running SCFA about 1,000x over so....if anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment!!

I'm unsure how to correct this as I do not believe it's the map that's causing the drop in performance. To be certain I've performed several checks with everything pointing fingers at SCFA was simply just scripted poorly (as much as we all love it). My suggestion, play against 1-4 friends / AI rather than the max of 8. The maps behind the scenes AI build placements need to be refined and cleaned up as I've placed several available build areas for NPC's. I will work on correcting this however even then performance will only be sped up slightly, in all honesty I'm worried that with newer technology being released the days of SC are rapidly coming to an end, starting to think it's just to old for my new hardware (make any, but that's all I got....)

oh yeah, COMMENT!!!!! If you download this map and don't comment...I loath you.

I do take suggestions as well, if anyone has a map idea that they would like to see come to life feel free to "COMMENT" and I'd gladly look into this for you :-)

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