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Author: FunkOff

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All right, now in version 5.

Selen no longer has cloak or stealth. [done]
Torpeduchet cost/buildtime reduced (2000 to 1200), projectile now more able to catch moving targets and cannot target

hover units.[done]
Aeon sniper hp doubled (100->200), cost decreased slightly (200 to 180). [done]
Aeon Aurora hp buffed (175-->220), max speed increased slightly 3.2 from 3.0 [done]
Aeon Chrono Dampener stun duration buffed from 3.5 to 4.5 seconds/ [done]
Seraphim ACU Regen upgrades fixed. [done]
UEF and Cybran now have mobile AA at tech 1 again. [done]
All amphibious tanks buffed slightly. [done]
All ACUs now hold 1000 mass (from 650) and 10000 Energy (from 5000) [done]
UEF Ambassador now has a unique strategic icon. [done]
Cybran MAZOR upgrade reduced from 800 DPS to 400 DPS. [done]
Cybra/uef/aeon AA towers now cost normal FA price, boosted defense and damage. [done]
Aeon Anti-Air stunner thistle now tech 2, build time increased. [done]
Viper speed reduced slightly (2.4 from 2.5) [done]
Air XP units rebalanced [done]

New unit: Sea King: Cybran tech 3 anti-ship gunship. Equipped with sonar and fires torpedoes at naval units. New

unit: Aeon T3 Depth Charge Artillery. Slow and fragile, but fires depth charges at far away anval targets. Lethal

against subs at a distance.

Also, 4 new game enders.

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